Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4

Ok sorry I don't have too much time because I had wayyyyyy too much fun reading your letters and talking to missionaries!!!! Sorrrrry! This morning we also went to lunch at a pizza shop that actually has GOOD pizza here and I had a diet coke. yum!

New Years Eve was fun because we all sang as a whole mission. The only problem was that IT WAS ABOUT 30 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Yikes it was cold! The song I directed though went really well and I'm not gonna lie .... it was definitely my favorite of all the ones sung. "What Child is This" After the elder that put it all together came to me and said, "wow that was really good .... that WAS a hard song but you guys did a great job" Oh what joy! The truth is that I couldn't feel my hands while I was directing and there wasn't a light on the stand so while directing I barely knew where we were in the song ..... too funny but way fun to direct a song! I couldn't help but smile while they were singing!! After we all ate dinner and it was soooooo fun to see missionaries I haven't seen in a while and possibly won't see again.

We had a MIRACLE OR MIRACLES this week. There's a less active who we've passed by .... many missionaries have passed by.... Mom, Dad is in jail, 4 boys. Less actives for years since dad's been in jail. Mom won't even let us in because she's decided she likes the baptist church better. Well we're at church early and she comes out of the English ward's sacrament ....FRANCIS!!!!!!! Wow her heart has been softened. Things have happened very precisely in her life recently so that she is seeing the Lord's hand guiding her. While reading LdM esta manana I just fell inlove with 3 Nefi 18:32. I loved the talk entitled, "vengan a mi con integro proposito de corazon y yo los sanare" por el elder Kearon of the 70. Oh I just loved that scripture though ..... you NEVER stop praying, visiting, loving people.  I think of that for one of our investigators. The mother was baptized with her whole family when she was 8 and they're all less active. Now they are learning about the church again and discovering God's ways. It will take some time but I am so excited for them to embrace the gospel and see more blessings as they are obedient to God's commanments. Pedro and Marialena, old couple who have lost lots of people, oh I just love them and want them to recognize this great message! They are Catholic but I know the Spirit is touching them when we're there (except when he is drinking his wine .......). [Speaking of we had champagne for new years eve. Of course, alcohol free. Kind of funny though when you're at members house and they get really excited when they remember they have champagne and want to share it with the missionaries.]

New Years Day was fun with the zone. I'm not gonna lie though, I'm so tired! I've started dreaming hard core and every morning I hear the alarm and just say, "get up get up get up" or I think I could sleep all day. Teaching is DEFINITELY the best medicine for being tired. We gave a LdM to a woman the other day at her door. Fine if she doesn't want to let us in her door, but she can read the LdM!

One of my favorite things about the mission is when you're meeting someone or you're in a lesson or anything .... and you testify of a principle and the Spirit testifies to me of it.  We watched a short movie of Pres Monson and I just can't deny that he is a prophet! We also watching a talk from E Bednar from abril 2009 on temples ..... I just love when the Spirit is strong and opens the way to learn exactly when we need to learn in that moment. I pray for that each day with the people we meet and are teaching and serving.
Saturday we find out about transfers. We feel like Hna M will go but I'm NEVER right so who knows .... how great would it be to finish up with her!!!!!! It's like everyday we find new things to laugh about - Wananos after practicing saying "walmart" or "ayudame Clark!" I just love her!! We will see. Or Hna Juarez return with me? In any case, it's in the Lord's hands. 

I love each of you! Christmas sounded like a blast all together, especially with the snow. I've been loving the cold weather here - I so miss it! But my blood is thin so it gets to me faster! Anyway, love love! Happy 2011! con mucho amor, Hermana Clark

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