Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25

I sit here and just wonder what happened this week? I had a really good experience this week with one of those "shock" moments that was really hard to deal with at the time but after you just kind of laugh about it. I learned a lot about repentance and forgiveness. When you forgive someone, you forget and you don't mention it again. It was a good experience.

CARLOS WAS BAPTIZED and that was a huge event! I think the most exciting thing was when he was confirmed and Hno Luna talked about going to the temple in a year. THAT'S THE PLAN!!!!! What an amazing family and I just love them! They're not friends, they're family!!! His boss was there with his entire family and they've been a huge help in him wanting to go in this direction and finally making the decision to make some changes in their lives!

The night before his baptism we helped Mari prepare her talk and the kids to sing a song and I noticed 2 bottles of alcohol above the fridge! We had fun dumping those out - no need for those anymore!

Yesterday we had interviews and what we call zone development meeting. mission "meetings" have now changed to be much more help for the missionaries. what are the things we struggle with and when we are good we are then able to serve with the Spirit. We talked a lot about working with members and how this is the Lord's work and how we are here to help them with the Lord's work. We're here to strengthn the branch.

President Ellsworth. I love that man, and his wife. When I was set apart it talked a little about my MP and his wife and I am seeing it be fulfilled. I love them. I am seeing how he literally is at this work just like us. He doesn't know everything, but the Lord does. Some changes happened in the mission with companions the other day and it just broke President's heart. Something he felt good about didn't turn out good and ..... there are always lots of questions after. I know though, that he has been called by God to help the missionary work move forward here in Mesa, Arizona.

We went to the temple this morning. I can't wait to do sessions in Spanish in Manhattan! Oh how I love the temple and always want to be close!

Hermana Scott and I are great friends and it's awesome! Love her love her love her!

Something I've learned though, in the midst of changes in the mission and lots of other stuff going on .... is that everyone has a broken heart. Everyone struggles with things that ..... are a real struggle. I feel like I can be so cold hearted towards others because when something is hard for me I don't want any form of love for the moment (maybe just a "I love you. I'm here for you") but no form of give me a hug until it doesn't hurt kind of love. I just want to ignore it and later I will just cry and deal with it at home in peace. What really matters, as in all situations, is what is it that this person needs? That is exactly what I want to do ... not necessarily what I am comfortable with but what THEY need. Is that notwhat the Savior did? He understands us and knows how to succor us. Follow the example of the Savior (what's new?).

Sorry, I feel tired today getting up at 445 to go to the temple. This week was up and down and up and down and up and down. This is the Lord's work and He is in charge of it. I love my Savior. I love learning more about Him each day in the scriptures. Ruego a pattern my life after his.

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY MADELEINE! It was on Saturday that we talked to a woman in the street from Quebec named Madeleine (she had a heavy french accent) and it was such a joy to talk to her! Hope it was a happy one!

Happy week! Next week we have preparation day on monday because I am going to leadership training Tuesday-Friday 8am-4pm. It will be good! I enjoyed reading Mormoni 10 this week about gifts of the spirit! Much love! Hermana Clark

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