Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the last letter? (liz gets home feb 22)

Happy happy day! Weird these are Mondays now .... with Sundays being such stress days but it's good!

We went to go visit a less active family this week who apparently has been less active most of their lives .... and the grandma told us how sad she is that no one comes by anymore. They used to always come by, multiple people, every week. Oh how sad. We went home sooooo depressed after that. I never know how to think about these situations but I've learned to just love them and be friends. Encourage them to do good but don't push them. LOVE them! Unfortunately we have a lot of less actives in our area for various reasons. Being offended, family not members and not encouraging them to actively participate, not feeling welcomed, not knowing people ......... but three of them came to church on Sunday and I cannot tell you how HAPPY that was to see them there! One in particular we've been thinking about a lot. Young mother. Hna Scott and I have been thinking of her off and on this week but did not get to talk or see her. I thought of her a few times while we were at church and then after Relief Society (before Sacrament) saw her and had to look at her again because oh it just was a rush of how much I love her! And it was such a joy to see her there!

Saturday we went to a primary activity in the stake for all the 8-11 year old girls. Princess themed activity of different classes for the "Princesses in training."  Classes like "fit for a king" "princess diaries" "golden rule" "in the service of your king" Oh my goodness there is no question why I like to write in my journal or do good things: I LEARNED THOSE THINGS IN PRIMARY! These leaders went alllllllll out and decorated and we got all this stuff from it and those girls .... oh man! It was so fun to be there with those girls! Mom I thought of you in the primary and man they are soooo different than youth (who I always think of) but they are so great!

Marcia is one of our only investigators progressing right now and was found in a miraculous way by our ward mission leader a month or two ago. They came to church yesterday (she and her very less active boyfriend) and just love it. She feels loved and this peace and joy she's never EVER experienced before. We went to the Visitor Center last night and walked around a new Book of Mormon art exhibit and it was amazing to talk about the story and the things we can learn from the Book of Mormon! Oh man she is just adorable and so excited to get baptized but doesn't want to rush into it. Love her love her! It helped Elder White (director of the visitors center) and President Ellsworth (mission president) came and spoke to the branch to excite the members about doing their part in reaching 100 baptisms in the branch. We're excited!!!!!

Good week and the weather here has been INCREDIBLE! I think it was almost 80 yesterday and the sun is shining! I will DEFINITELY be mission some of the sun here! I love you all and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! It will come so I will try and not be too excited as of right now! Thanks for your love and prayers! This is the Lord's work and He is most definitely incharge of it! Love always, Hermana Clark

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 1

We had a good week and it ended SUPER well last night contacting a former that I'd visited a few times before. By the end they were so excited to go see the Joseph Smith movie. Do you know why they were so happy to see us? Members have been giving them the New Era and the Ensign and the Liahona and the mom can't get enough of them. She works crazy hours but she is feeling like she needs this in her life now.. Her 14 year old son has every question on the face of the planet (pretty much all being off topic).... but that's ok. I think Hna Scott and I are up to the challenge!

We had exchanges and I was with the infamous Hermana Chaca de Peru! It was such a strange experience because her area struggles with finding people to teach and ..... our area just doesn't really have that. We constantly have to weed people out who just aren't progressing. Tender Mercy though when a member from Arboleda (my last area) was at the building where they go and I got to talk to him about some some things going on. Oh I just love the mission! Hermana Chaca made a dish from Peru that I got a little scared about when she dumped a huge thing of yellow peppers in ...... but surprisingly it was delicious when it was molded and mixed with potatoes and oil (I won't ask what the nutritional value on it is)! I just love that sister and am so excited to hear she would like to go to BYU after the mission!!!!

We continue to have meetings with the branch that are good. Tuesday evening we had really great reuniones with lidres in the rama. It's a continual process and we're excited. Eladio kind of got lost this week but last night we taught him again and he has a date for the 12th now. He constantly is telling his friends to listen to us - great missionary already!

We have a wonderful investigator named Melinda that just turned 21 this week and sincerely desires to know more about God, especially for her 1 year old son, Maxx. She started telling us things that her mom has gone through and her sisters and there is no coincidence we are in their home. We were going through our potential list in our area book (STILLL trying to get that organized!) and about a month ago as I was going through them felt prompted to go to all the homes we had in one area on that list ..... Melinda's home was there. I am certainly glad Melinda requested us because we had it down as an area we can go to but it would not have been high priority.

We had a great night with the Coronel family. The father told us, "this is NOT my time. I DON'T feel it. I'm sorry, but it's not my time. I don't know what will happen tomorrow .... but" So we set up another time to say, "we don't know what'll happen tomorrow ....." We went home and thought, the only reason it's not your time is because you're deciding it's not your time. Next time we saw them we had a great time talking very simply about prayer. We are so excited for them because they're not very far from making the step of coming to church and letting themselves be completely embraced by the members of the branch!! WAHOO!!!!

Hermana Scott and I could talk for HOURS ..... DAYS probably if we had the time. Oh I just love talking to her! Every companion is so special and I am so grateful to be with her, even for a short time! One of my favorite things about her is that she is willing to do whatever someone needs. No matter how big or small, she is there! Whether a shoulder to cry on or a big smile!

We were driving home for lunch Friday when out of my rear view mirror I saw an elderly woman (I didn't know it at the time .... but very few other people drive old Buicks ..... sorry if anyone's offended by that) pull to the side of the road. We turned around to go see if we could help. Someone had been close to hitting her so she swerved and her two right tires were completely obliterated! just shredded! Her name is Nelda and oh what a dear sweet woman! We helped her get into a parking lot and waited until her husband came and we called a tow truck and their service place (Sister Scott's super good at stuff on the phone .....). They have 11 children, I think 3 were theres and they adopted the rest. Just cute couple, both care givers. Anyway, lots more to say about them as we became friends, but it was a cool experience because if nothing else, we just know we needed to be there at that time. Did the mirror say that as I saw her pulling off to the side of the road? No, the Spirit did and we followed. I.want.to.live.my.life.open.to.revelation. Be worthy of the spirit and follow it.

I've been in the end of Mormon and in Mormoni this week. Gosh what if we didn't have Mormoni? Yikes. The Priesthood - ordaining others to the Priesthood, how to administer ordinances of the priesthood. Yeah that's important! I continue to feel like I am watching a movie/story of a friend and his experiences (the prophets) and when they make comments of how things went [my favorite is when prophets said they testified of truth and the people got mad. Yeah ..... well .... Alma .... that's what people do when they're hard hearted!] I just feel like they're telling me their experiences sitting right next to me talking to me.

Tuesday-Friday I am going to leadership training 9-4pm. It should be super good! And HErmana Mazariegos is coming down from Payson and staying with us during the evenings!!!!!!!!!! Horray! So excited to see that hermana again - it's like my sister is coming to visit!!!!!! Well, until next week! lots of love! Hermana Clark