Wednesday, January 19, 2011

january 18

with her new companion Hermana Scott

We went to Mari and Carlos' house Wednesday morning to say goodbye before Hna Mazareigos headed up to the mission office and we asked him if he would want to change his baptism to next Saturday ..... yes! Friday we went over the interview questions and Saturday he was interviewed and will be getting baptized this Saturday - 3 months (to the day) after his family got baptized! Ohhhhhhh man I cannot explain how excited we are! What changes we've seen in that family!

Last Tuesday we had a fireside with all the Relief Society in the stake given by the stake president. Oh how wonderful this fireside was. We worked hard at getting lots of investigators and less actives there. In the end, one came, the one who probably needed it the most. It was one of those firesides you leave and you call your mom crying and saying how much you love them - ie hard as a missionary to sit through. We mainly talked about the relationship between mother and daughter and what our Heavenly Father wants of us as mothers as well as daughters. President Bawden (don't know how to spell his name, sorry) got up there and just said something to the extent of, "I do not know exactly about this relationship between mother and daughter, but I will let you know that I learned about it a few years ago when the mother of my daughter passed away." Later on he recounted how while one of his sons was growing up, he told one of his priesthood leaders that his goal was something like scraping him out of satan's hands or something. 2 years ago his son called him 4th of july as he was grilling cheeseburgers. he had just put the cheese on and said, "eric, can i call you back?" and his son never answered the phone and committed suicide. Yeah, we understand that Pres Bawden understood a little about these important relationships. Women bore testimony of their role as mothers as well as ..... the spirit was very strong. It was a great meeting. There were three people there that just ... really needed to hear that.

This week felt like learn about the lives of missionaries with lots of changes and being around lots of them and I just feel like my heart is broken learning of the family situations while these missionaries are trying to serve faithfully! And how blessed I feel to have amazing, active parents who are doing all they can in their jobs, callings, and with our family. GRATITUD!

We found more families this week and saw miracles as they recognized something different in us, whereas in the past they wanted nothing to do with us. I continue to be AMAZED at the Lord's workings and how He prepares people to hear this message of truth.

This week I was studying Mormon and the beginning chapters are just horrific. I cannot imagine living in a world of complete iniquidad y mortandad! YUCK! being the only one (with his family???) living righteously. But que valor! I love Mormon 2:19 "y ay de mi por causa de sus iniquidades; porque mi corazon se ha visto lleno de pesar por razon de sus maldades, todos mis dias! No obstante, se que yo sere enaltecido en el postrer dia." that esperanza! along with the hope in others (in mormon's case, they had lost their chance of repenting, but that is NOT the case here in our lives!)!!!! Where is the light of Christ?

I love being with Hna Scott! There are some ways that we are very similar and it is cool to be together and learn from each other how to be even better! We are learning to be more bold and to be worthy of the Spirit! We reached our goals this past week and it was such a huge success! I love reaching and even succeeding goals made - espeically when you know you gave it your all.

There is so much more work here to do and though I know that day will come that I will not be here, I will do all I can to prepare people to receive the restored Gospel. The doctrine of Christ is something the missionary department wants us to really focus on. Teach the doctrine of Christ and it will help people understand WHY we ask them to do certain things.

The Spirit is the guide! We have no power with it. I love this work. I am so grateful to be a servant of the Lord. We are seeing peoples disposicion change. Next it will be a change of heart when they understand the doctrine of Christ! I love you all! have an amazing week and be facilitators of miracles by your faith! Love always, Hermana Clark Posted by Picasa

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