Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11

So the big news for this week is that Hermana Mazariegos is going to Payson, AZ.  She felt very strongly she was going there so it wasn't a big shock.  We prepared well and both feel very good about it and ready to start new with new companions. She will be with a Hna Mccinney who's been out since october and I'll be with Sister Hillary Scott. She came out about 10 months ago and was with her for a 3 day spurt with Hna Nielsen once. Oh yes Hermana Nielsen! We dropped her off at the mission office yesterday.  Not going to lie kind of weird to do but not too bad. We were there long enough to say goodbyes and say hello to President and Sister Ellsworth (I just LOVE them!).  This time transfers were all over and people are going places no one expected ..... but change is good! It helps us learn and grow! I am super excited to be with Sister Scott and she will be amazing in this area! I talked to her on the phone this morning and told her our branch will be having 100 baptisms this year ... so we're going to be working hard! Saweeeeeeeeet! Hna Mazariegos will be in a spanish branch up north .... and at this point I just feel sad that I can't go with her. I know she's just going to LOVE it .... aunque she doesn't like cold. This week we've just seen miracle after miracle when people hear she's going up there and she now has two pairs of boots, a jacket, gloves, and hat. People are nice to us here in Arizona!

To end her time here in Valencia, we had an AMAZING DAY YESTERDAY! Carlos is getting baptized the 29th of January! For 2 weeks now we've known all we need to do is ask him to be baptized and there hasn't been time with everything going on. But yesterday it was brilliant! We said the opening prayer and I asked myself, "is the spirit here," YES it was there and I knew it was going to be good.  We met with 2 new families yesterday who both are just starving for the gospel! One family we met about a month ago. We were talking to his neighbor and we felt very strongly to go talk to him so we got his number and he said when we could come by. We went by and they opened the door with smiles and "Hermanas!" [Hint that's a good sign because 1. they know who we are and 2. they're still smiling] Then the dad blurted out .... you're here to convince me! You can just see how the mother is thirsting for the gospel. Her kids are so willing to learn! They love the Book of Mormon! weddingtism in about a month! We met with another woman last night who recognized the spirit very strongly last night and is excited to come to church. This week she will probably be moving and that only gives reason for her to meet more members to help her move with her 4 kids! We are seeing more and more miracles EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I am amazed and yet not surprised because this is the Lord's work and we are pleading to do it, more than ever, in His way.

Something I realized this week is that I have a hard time when someone doesn't want us .... I want to respect them and leave them be.  Well .... my testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone has grown immensely and one thing we've seen work miracles is simply entering their home and offering a pray.  Having faith that they will recognize the spirit and notice something different. All we do is help people recognize the void in their life and fill it with the Spirit and the knowledge of the church of Jesus Christ. The Spirit does the rest. Just AMAZING. Yesterday I went to bed amazed and so grateful that we are seeing miracle after miracle after miracle! Hna Mazariegos and I have been studying Abinadi and his valor and valentia and ..... I don't know the words in english. [I am having more and more problems will that ...... not knowing words in english ..... but Hna Scott and I will have to be hard on ourselves to always speak spanish!] When they clearly didn't want him, he testified and gave his life as testimony! All that says to me is when God commands you to do something ... you do it! You know it by the Spirit! I cannot say this more but I want to be worthy of the Spirit, ALWAYS, no matter what I am doing. I want to be in an attitude of serving others, ALWAYS. There's no better feeling.

After Christmas lights we have a whole lot of referral that the Visitor Center calls and we get the opportunity to help with that. Last week we went to make calls and I asked Hna Mazariegos if I could call her parents. YEAHHHHH! So I talked to her mom and sister Maria! How fun it was to talk to them on the phone. They didnt' accept missionaries, todavia, but gave a referral of one of Hna Mazareigos cousin in California who did accept missionaries! Horray! Hearts are being softened all over! The day is not too far for them!

Last night two of the appointments we had were wonderful with 3 kids! One of them we asked them what would happen if they weren't on the boat with Noah (talking about prophets) and one of the boys blurted out "Se mojaron!" They'd get wet! With another family I showed them some pictures to see what they remembered about the Book of MOrmon and when we saw the picture of Joseph Smith the girl got really excited and said, "I know who that is ..... GEORGE WASHINGTON!" Anyway, we continue doing the work and enjoying each moment!

I love you all! K bien que todo va a estar en febrero!!! There's still lots to do here before that day comes though.  We're seeing more support from the branch and reaching our goal will not be impossible, but will only be possibly by doing it the Lord's way! Ok well until next week! Good luck in school again this week Abby! Don't get too cold. I'll try and wear a sweater for you all ... as I'm basking in the 60 degree sunny (slight breeze) weather in Arizona! Thanks for your prayers and love and hard work. Love always, Hermana Clark

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