Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28

Surpringly enough, there was a big change for us about an hour or two after I hung up.  President Ellsworth called to say that Hermana Juarez is going to be in an english area and working in the visitor center for now. NOOOOOOOOOO! I'm not gonna lie I was way bummed. Though the last month has been pretty much, nothing short of insane, i felt kind of robbed having her taken away from us! My child! I felt like that woman in the bible that the lord asked to give up her son to serve in the temple (one day I'll learn bible stories ......) literally ... now she's serving in the temple. mi hija! Sister Everette, her new companion, was with her at BYU-I do (as she says it!) though and they were in the same ward and had a number of classes together .... so they're super excited to be together! just a little hard to hear the news, kill a totally chill Christmas, pack her up and send her off. She is serving in our stake though, actually part of our area ... so it's kind of funny. They're in our district. And for all we know ... she could come back in 2 weeks, but whatever the Lord has in store is ok with me. The past few days have been super sad. The Gordon's had lots of family for christmas too, and within 12 hours everyone left and suddenly it's just ... empty! Only Hna Mazariegos and I ... what do we do? Kind of funny to be back together again but it's fun! I just love her and I feel like the two of us alone work very differently than we did as a threesome.  We work differently now though from the things we learned from Hna Juarez! We're SO grateful for our time with her ... and I feel like I talk about her as if she died ..... but she's close! last night was her first night working in the visitor center and she totally blew all the sisters out of the water with how many referrals she got from people ..... figures - she works miracles! The whole mission will be blessed with her working everynight of christmas lights and not just a few! It's a good change because it came from the Lord, but I won't say it wasn't hard.

Christmas was fun, especially with our matching pajamas! Elephant gift exchange, breakfast with the Gordon's (waffles and strawberries .... YUM), lunch with the Larson's (STEAK and biscuits and gravy .... YUM!). TALKING TO YOU GUYS! That night we made Seviche (that's food) with Maria and Beto (investigators that are moving) and chocolate chip cookies.  Fun fun but sad they're moving this week to another area! I would say it was a good day but it felt so ..... lazy. I definitely enjoyed the caroling and Christmas spirit more than the actual day. Oh yeah and the night before we helped the Duartes, familia in the branch that live down the street .... make tomales. I did something with the masa and apparently worked wonders because it only took 10 minutes to mix until it would float when a little piece was put in water. Hna Duarte even gave me a big hug! Yeah, I felt pretty cool after that!

Yesterday, while directing a song practice, we received several desperate phone calls from our branch leaders, "Hnas .... this family .... they need to get baptized. It doesn't matter they're moving ... if they get married and baptized this week they can stay in the branch and move back soon." All I have to say is we have great leaders who love people and don't want to see them leave. The only problem here is that THEY are the ones that ultimately decide what they want to do.  We don't really think so, but we'll see!

Carlos came to church this week! It's been about 3 months since we've been asking him every week what we can do to help him come to church!!!!! Wahoo!!!! Each of us are seeing huge changes in him and we are soooo excited! He's putting his guard down, that we all have with new things, and is much more excited to have us come over and teach him!

We ate dinner with a family in the branch this week with 5 daughrters, a boy is on the way! While eating and waiting for the banana bread to come out of the oven, I felt impressed to talk about BoM story charades! hahaha it was fun to help them see the BoM isn't totally boring (the five girls are 10-20 yrs old) and talk about the importance of the stories after acting them out! Promptings from the spirit come in all forms!

Funny thought this week. We were given cookies from people this week. They look absolutely delicious but I think there's something wrong with the frosting and there's always a really bitter .... not great taste at the end. the beginning of the cookie is awesome but the after taste is terrible. Well I noticed it after the first cookie but refused to believe it because they looked SO RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS. Well I am sad to say, that after about 7 or 8 cookies, they are still not so good in the end. I thought it was so funny I kept eating them, kept hoping, "this one will be good." Made me think of Satan and how no matter what, no matter how good he makes something look .... you can't deny in the end it's bad! It just is! It'll never be good! Finally, I told my companions about it and they just laughed and asked me why I kept the temptation infront of me? Throw them out! What are companions for ..... helping you stay away from sin .... throwing out cookies .... all in the day of a missionary :)

Love you all! Glad the Christmas was wonderful - white christmas? Blizzard Christmas? And yes Spencer, you can be Elizabeth JUST THIS ONCE. :) Love you all! I felt loved receiving lots of cards from people for christmas!! Until next week! 2011??? YIKES!

con mucho amor, Hermana Clark

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