Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9

So our investigators are progressing! This week we've worked really hard to help people understand the significance and importance of the Book of Mormon and reading it everyday to discover for ourselves, if it is of worth.

Juan is getting baptized the 21st. He has literally changed before our eyes. He was a lawyer in Mexico and had the life, family, kids, money. Had no need for God in his life, so he thought. He came here to see if life could be better. Lost the wife, lost the kids, works as a KFC cook.  He is discovering the power of the Atonement and why we can always have this hope. He literally smiles now, always! He loves going to church, reading the Book of Mormon. He is so willing to obey because he has seen blessings from obeying God's commandments. WOW He is beginning to glow and it is incredible!

Rosa is a woman who we talked to last week and has expressed desires to be baptized. Last night we taught the Restoration and yeah .... there will be a baptism in about a month I'd say? After she has a baby in a week. She is ready though. She knows he's a prophet, she knows the Book of Mormon is true!

Claudia and Evelin. They're another story but woah I am excited for them, whenever they make the decision to be baptized. It will depend on a breakup/moveout or marriage. So it could be some time.  These two, however, see the rich blessings from their neighbors examples. They are constantly with them and it's amazing they've only known about the gospel for a month or two. They love it!

We had preparation meeting at the Visitor's Center (for sisters who serve in the VC ... my comp Hna Guzman!) and that was cool to hear direction from the director, Elder White, and from a couple who just started serving in the VC. Elder White talked about fasting and the great power it has, yet how many members of the church take it lightly. Something I want to understand better and implement in my life. Sunday was a great day to begin learning more.

Que mas? We had exchanges this week and that was fun to work with Hna McBride! The work goes forward, no matter who is put in a certain area! Our new mission president is coming in July, President and Sister Ellsworth. They are from Idaho. Don't know much more. Weird Pres and Sister Bassett will be leaving.  I've never heard anyone just shrug their name off .... everyone praises the work they'd done here for the past 3 years. Incredible and how wonderful they have been in the Mesa Mission!

The Book of Mormon ... is still true! And will be .... always! We need to run but I know this is the Lord's work. Gosh it would've failed miserably long ago was it of man. We are guided by a living prophet today, President Monson. Joseph Smith restored this gospel to the earth! Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! It is only through Him we can be saved and have hope in this life and the life to come!

Love you all! This letter has no personality in it and I am sorry. I feel dead today. It's cold! I made tomato soup and grilled cheese and burned my tongue on the soup! Ayyyyy but it was delicious! Until next week,

Love always, Hermana Clark

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