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March 23

Juan Ferrer's baptism


Last week of transfers is always crazy! Baptisms, dinners, rain, heat, a fire, being a stupid driver ... the list could go on!

Juan Ferrer was baptized on Sunday! WOW The Lord is aware of his needs and it was absolutely incredible to see him change his life the past 6 weeks to be sooooo prepared to enter the waters of baptism.  So many things were going on this past week it would've been so easy to just push the baptism back ... but no! He needs this NOW in his life! We all do! He is ready ... why would we wait anylonger and preclude him from more of Heavenly Father's blessings! We saw him this morning and he expressed some of his concerns right now in his life with his children and it was so neat to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ really answers those concerns. I really don't feel any shame anymore when referring to the scriptures or words of living prophets to find answers to even the dumbest silliest problems.

We had some breakthroughs with investigators this week! One woman doesn't seem to be grasping .... anything.  She always refuses to pray.  She is very sweet and nice but we just did not see why it was so difficult for her to offer the prayer. During the lesson we were talking about things we were grateful for that we can thank God for. Hna Guzman turns to me to say what are you thankful for .... and I am looking out the corner of my eye at her ... and spot my glasses frames. So I say .... "my glasses".  We all errupted in laughter! Who says they're grateful for their glasses? Anyway, the point is .... Elisa, with our help, said the closing prayer! Progress is being made!

We teaching the Zuniga familia and they have had lessons before ... know about lots of stuff. They are reading in the Book of Mormon now, each in their own! Last night we talked about Jesus Christ's example of being baptized (2 Nephi 31) and one of the daughters says "yes, so baptism. This is the decision I know I need to make. I'm scared though .... how can I prepare to be baptized. How am I supposed to be ready to be baptized?" Golden words, every missionary wants to here! They will be getting baptized in the next two months!

We have started teaching a less active who denies his faith in Jesus Christ. It is so interesting to teach him because he knows the information. He knows the scriptures ... to an extent. He also knows, that it is up to him. He must take the action! He must be humble and ask God for His help in knowing the Book of Mormon is true, if we really do have a prophet on the earth today.

Que mas? I continue studying in mostly spanish. Scriptures, yes. My english scriptures are rarely out (wahoo!) I'm finishing the conference issue in english. It is amazing reading that. We have a lot of conversos recientes who have the way and have lots of faith but sometimes need someone saying yes! This is good ... keep going! Recently I've been opening up to the Conference report and just saying ... I don't know what to teach them ... but this is the next talk I haven't read. Yeah, you guessed it, answer to a prayer. A talk that directly answer their concerns, doubts, fears, etc. 

"I love loud boys." I read this talk and just thought ... yes .... teach them the gospel! Go! But how? How do you help them understand why this is important? That is exactly what we do though .... we teach people how they can do this. Anyway, I'm not really making sense but the point of the story is a then ended up reading a story in this months Liahona about fasting. Fasting was the answer we needed in what to teach to recent converts. Fasting is how they can help themselves. We do not need to just fast for them, they can fast, they can show their faith and plead with the Lord to help them overcome their challenges.

Ok time is close to ending. last week the letter sent with less than 3 sec left. Yikes! I love you all! Thank you for your love, your letters, your prayers, and your diligent examples to me! This is the Lord's work and I know that He has sent me here to Mesa, Arizona to help it go forward!

This next week is Easter Pagent, then comes General Conference and Easter! It'll be a crazy start but it's exciting!

Oh ... I didn't say this. Hna Nielsen is coming to me ... again! Wahoo! Kind of fun to be with an old companion again! This area is exciting and we will be seeing lots and lots of miracles each day!

Love always, Hermana Clark

PS We were at Claudia and Evelin's and we smelled something burning but figured it was outside (the door was open). We continued ... but we kept smelling it. Then Evelin and I, at the same time start seeing smoke behind the door and come to find the curtain is on fire because it is set on a light bulb. My reactions from emergencies kicked in and I pulled the curtain off the door and stepped on it to put the fire out. The curtain ... is ruined. Picture is good. Maybe next week .... who knows. Love love

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