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March 16 "I love trailers"

our movie theater we study in

"our table and kitchen"

WOW this week was slow and fast .... where do I start? I want to talk about Saturday. We were walking in the trailors and began talking to a woman named Tony.  Her son was getting baptized that night and that was why she was in town. She reminded me of something that would've worked on the ranch where Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had their "How the West was Fun" movie. Jeans and a big belt buckle, jean shirt, long braided hair. Anyway ... she'd had a lot of contact with the church. Somehow she began to tell us how she'd received a lot of help when her husband died.  She continued and said why she does and does not like the church.  When she talked about what she liked though, she said they're there for you. She, very briefly spoke of how much sadness she has (not past, current) when her husband, Lucky died. It was less than a year ago, and it is still very VERY difficult. As we were talking to her, the spirit confirmed to me Christ's invitation to "come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden ....". We just have to make that decision to give them to Him and follow Him.

As we leaving the trailers, we saw a big truck and lots of stuff outside the trailer of Articeli and her 4 daughters .... were they going back to Mexico then? Yes. We literally loaded all their stuff into a truck and a trailer. They had neighbors who were helping. Wow it was hard to see them leave. They are going back to where she used to live, with all her family, and her husband. The branch is losing wonderful members of the church though. WOW She is so strong in her faith and an example of an eye looking forward to the future. I've helped people move ... but not to another country. And not people that I can't just email or call a few days later and see how things are going. Wow how great our God is for putting people in our path and taking care of all of His children ... wherever they go.

We watched a short movie about the joy of our Savior Jesus Christ with Claudia and Evelin this week. Boy did that bring the spirit in their home and boy did it make our lesson clear -> follow the example of the Savior.

Yesterday we ate with two single women who are neighbors. One is widowed with 8 children, more grandchildren, and more great grandchildren. The other is recently divorced because of an unfaithful husband who has begun to take most of the kids down his path as well. AYYYY the faith of these women though. We left the home and just wondered how they are able to keep going each day. The Lord gives us what we can handle. It is in these homes that we are reminded of the Spirit we have as missionaries. We are a beacon of hope because we represent our Savior, Jesus Christ.

One night .... ok literally ... I love the trailers! This is where most of all these stories are! We passed by some members and they were having a little get together (other members of the church and some investigators!) and offered us some food. We actually didn't have dinner that night and so accepted. WOW I am officially a fan of hot dogs. I thought I was before but not like now. (And for the record ... it was not just because I was hungry .... it was just really good) Right now this sounds sick but I never want to each a hot dog any other way (ready Dad ... you'd love these): hot dog wrapped in bacon, mayo, tomato, lettuce, onions, guacamole, salsa, mexican cheese, cucumbers en crema. OH MY GOSH. Yeah JDogs at BYU has definitely gone down the drain .... that hot dog was loaded and it was delicious! I am definitely a fan of GOOD mexican food. I love cooking with tortillas now and I'm pretty sure everything is better with salsa on it. Ok I haven't totally given up my simple easy ways but really! We even had popcorn with .... something on it ... salsa and chamoa?? Hahaha I just don't know why I'd ever have just a plain hot dog anymore.  Plain food isn't worth eating!

We saw Satan working really hard this week. There is a reason he works so hard though .... because people are learning of truth. He wants us to be as miserable as he is. This is the Lord's work and nothing will get in the way of that! We testified more than ever of the Book of Mormon this week again. To most members, we extended the invitation to continue reading it again, and pray for that confirmation again of it's reality and truth. We are promised if we ask in sincerity, we will receive that. As Pres Packer says, that is how a testimony is kept from the proud and the wicked .... they can not receive one and cannot understand until they seek with humility. 

Thank you for your letters your love your stories your prayers!! I feel so grateful for the people I am privileged to have associated with before my mission as well as now on my mission! WOW. I think I've said that word a lot in this ... but it's true. I am amazed. The Lord loves ALL of His children!

Love always, Hermana Clark

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