Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30


This last week was CRAZY. Easter pagent started! First week of the transfer with Hna Nielsen again (!!!!!) and we were invited to Zone Leader Council. I don't know if I've ever been so exhausted in my life. Working at the temple until 10pm and then having to wake up early to make it to meetings and such. WOW.

We have soooo many people who are on the verge of committing to baptism and it is WAYYYY exciting! The work is amazing though and it is incredible to recognize that we are the lord's instruments. Just ... so much to work on to BECOME better people yet forgetting ourselves and going to work. This time is so limited. Actually, time on the computer is limited too. haha

I am having a hard time speaking english these days. Quite exciting I must say, but funny. Like I've said before, english prayers, and now it goes to dinner conversations. I've really been trying to be better at getting to know people ... so any questions along those lines I want to say en espanol! Pero, there is still soooo much to learn! I understand a lot more now though and really am able to understand what is going on.

Sorry I have to sign off! I wish i could write more tell more but this week was crazy. This week is more easter pageant and we are going to see so many miracles there! As well as in our area! General conference this next week ... yeah .. needlessto say ... I'M EXCITED. I love the mission

love love love thanks for the prayers, letters, love, and all. I love you! Love always, Hermana Clark


Ok my computer logged out while I was talking to my "aunt" Sister Morten. This transfer she is white washing and training on the Reservation!!! She only has 2 more months!

Easter Pageant started this past week. Friday and Saturday were in Spanish so that was extremely exciting to watch as well as to gather with so many people who speak spanish! Surprisingly though, I ended up talking to a lot of people in english .... but 2 of them agreed to meet with the missionaries. I even ran into Elder Call. Last time I saw him he was the missionary. Kind of funny though ... he gave me a referral for a guy he works with and I gave him a referral to give to the missionaries in New Jersey (he wanted to call them). At the Easter Pageant (like Christmas lights) we talk to everyone and ask them all if they know anyone else they know that would want to hear more about this message that Jesus Christ's church has been restored to the earth.  When talking to members (like I used to do), they tend to roll eyes at us. Honestly ... it can be awkward. Something I've been starting to do though is then to testify to them that here at the pageant the Spirit can be felt very strongly.  Yes, everyone agrees. Then I say, that Spirit is also the one who can help us recognize our friends who might be looking for something.  I testify to them that if there is a name that has come to their heads, maybe they need something. In many cases, no, they are not going to tell the missionaries to come in and teach them and baptize them (but we never know when people are ready ... as President Bassett said yesterday something like: I don't want to be held accountable for assumming people aren't ready when they really are.  Anyway .... many people then end up saying ... ok I have this friend. That's the beauty of it ... everyone knows someone who doesn't enjoy the same blessings of peace and joy.  WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT? Maybe right now, all they need is someone to stop by and say hello and they really don't want the whole Restored gospel, but everyone needs something. Our purpose is the help others to come unto Christ. I've found that can mean many different things though we do know the path has been set and that is to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized in the same manner He was. Anyway, Easter Pageant is pretty awesome to work!

Our investigators are progressing. Rosa had her baby but we found out a divorce needs to happen before a marriage ... and then a baptism. Same with Fransisca. Claudia has talked to Juan and they are probably going to separate and figure out things with Stephanie so that she can get baptized. In all cases, someone doesn't want a divorce or someone doesn't want to get married. Marta and her family are currently deciding about baptism.  Alma 34:8-10 and Alma 7:11-16.  We are destined to be lost. That is why a Savior has been provided. He has already set the path: have faith, repent, be baptized.  This week we pray for faith and plead to know how we can best help all of these children of God prepare to be baptized and continue preparing to one day meet God. Wow this work is a big deal! It is so humbling to be simply a servant and disciple and representative of Jesus Christ.  I just hope that we do it in His way, with His power -> it is His work!

Yesterday at Zone Leader Council we talked about a lot of things that all boiled in the end about who we are becoming. There are checklists we can make .... blah blah blah ... but it is who we are becoming ... more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. It has been painful and so incredibly humbling to see how true that is and how far I know I have to go.  It is like Luke 22:32 "when thou are converted, strengthn thy brethren" Christ said that to ..... I'm blanking on his name right now .... AFTER he'd seen all those miracles, after being with Christ for 3 years. That is the secret though .... seeing is not believing.

Ok time is up ....

I have never been happier. Never so happier to lay down at night from a hard day but excited to wake up and study and go to work. 

Love is where it's at. I want to BE love ... and everything else. As for now, I will be the best I can to do the Lord's work! :)

Love always, Hermana Clark

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  1. I love reading Liz's positive newsey letters. She is a great gal. We are looking forward to newsier letters. Janae