Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2

Ok short letter today. Our Preparation Day was going so fast and we were super fast with everything. I even vacuumed our whole basement! But ... then we were reminded there was a big lunch at chili's with a lot of VC (visitor center) sisters so we joined them for the big celebration! Lots of fun on the mission!

This week ... was work! It rained more and we got wet. It has never really rained like it has been here. Fun though, I certainly don't mind.

Lots happened this week and I can't even separate it .... from anything else. A woman and her 4 daughters are moving back to Mexico to be with her husband and it was supppper sad. She just cried at the pulpit sharing her testimony. We spent some time helping her one day and had a big FHE with another family and had time with her fun girls. Next week I'll send some pictures!

I read through Elder Callister's talk this morning on Joseph Smith again. I love that talk. That and Elder Hollands. I like reading it repeatedly to remember our purpose as missionary and the message we share: Through the Restoration, we have the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ! I also read D&C 4 which reminded me of how many Christlike attributes we're told to have to be in the Lord's work. Wow Chapter 6 in PMG is in there for a reason!

Que mas? This week I saw little miracles with the language. I think I've lacked some faith in it, especially with a companion who is pretty much native. Why would I say anything when she can say it fluidly, faster, and not have to repeat me right after to clarify? Well, obviously that is NOT the way to think. I have been called and I will serve, in the spanish language! It is coming and I love the language. Like I"ve said all this transfer, all study is in Spanish now and it is starting to really be understood. It is a miracle everyday! I love it!

I got some pictures from Fransisco, who got baptized in December. He did baptisms for the dead, is preparing for his patriarchal blessing, and wow he is doing well! Fun to hear from him! And the Soria's did get to do temple work for their son who passed away.

Last week we had Zone Conference. MAN, ZONE CONFERENCE ROCKS. Nothing really compares. I love the distinction President made between his testimony, by the power of the Holy Ghost, of the Book of Mormon, in contrast to the things that make sense in his head. like Joseph Smith only having a 3rd grade education and knowing all these things about ancient ... life. He knows it is true because of the witness of the Holy Ghost. Then all these other things add up ... because it simply ... is true. Anyway. He stressed 3 points: 1. The vision is eternal life and baptism is the first gate. Therefore we strive for baptisms but really we desire them to partake of eternal life. 2. I wish I remembered this point right now but we're in too much of a rush. 3. Book of Mormon. I love Mormon 8:16.

The work goes forward! I feel SO PRIVILEGED to be a missionary in Mesa, Arizona! Wow! The Lord's hand is in His work. I pray I can be his instrument to bring the world His truth!

Thank you for your letters, your love, your prayers!
Love always, Hermana Clark

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