Tuesday, August 31, 2010

august 31 - kicked out of the house

Another Tuesday ... already? Last weird was weird and every other day felt like Monday. Rosa Mercado was confirmed and it reminded me of the reason we have such a big push of getting investigators (anyone for that matter) to church: to witness an ordinance. DyC 84:20. I felt the power of it! She walked back from the front with a little smirk of a smile. She's not a big smiler .... but has a really cute one when she does! It was wonderful!

Elbia and Manuel! Their baptism is scheduled for Saturday and oh I just love them! The Elders that interviewed them last night came out and just loved them too! They have changed their lives in FINALLY finding this peace they've been seeking for years. We realized we taught them first August 4. This Saturday is September 4. One month. They have been PREPARED! We went by the member who referred them. Well, it was actually his mom that told them to talk to us. She happened to be there [I think I said this last week] but she was so happy to hear they were getting baptized. What is with soooo many future members referring people to get baptized? We have 3 investigators who have done this. One day they will realize it is for them too!!!!!! (I hope that day is SOON!)

One of our members gave us a big box of about 100 Ensigns, Liahonas, New Era, and Friends so kids could look at something while we're in Sacrament (it was a week after some crazy things happened with investigators kids :) ). Well, we weren't going to give up this chance to get great pictures for planners, great talks, etc. It has seemed the past 2 or 3 weeks they've been sitting there ... but this week I was not found without one in my hand. I have officially finished looking through all of them. WOW. I love the Ensign. What did I learn from all of them? Teach by the Spirit, Follow the Spirit, the Book of Mormon is the place of answers and the best missionary. I love being strengthed from others testimonies! It was also fun to read stories of some of my friends from BYU! I probably found about 5-10 articles of people I knew at BYU! Too funny! Small world!

Next week is transfers and sometimes I forget that means a lot more than just moving missionaries around. We got a call Friday saying we need to prepare to leave pretty soon because the Bryson's had something coming up that would inhibit them from letting us live there. Okkkkkkkk, so we wondered. Elder Alldredge (housing coordinator) even asked ... "have they mentioned it?" No they had not. For two days we went in and out of their housing saying hi to them and wondering when they were going to mention this change that was going to happen. I almost started to get mad .... do they not like us here? Was it not just last month they asked us to ask our leaders if we could just stay because they liked us two? My mind was going crazy ... without knowing anything of what was really going on. Sunday, I mentioned it to Sis Bryson and she said, what? So soon? They thought their housing "contract" (if you will say) was only for a year, so they told them that October 1st is the date they would need their house. They are having a huge 30th wedding anniversary their kids are doing and since the time was around then, it would be better if they had those rooms for the week for all the family coming into town. But that's in October?! So we're all a bit surprised and shocked .... but yeah. Along with that, our stake leaders are trying to find housing for Elders who are going to serve in the stake as well. Their splitting the english area. The sisters don't have enough time in the area (they serve in the VC ... and right now are probably less than half time in the area) and so they're splitting it. Interesting, just 2 months ago the Elders were tracting for 5 hours straight. Anyway, changes are happening. As of next week ..... it's pretty sure I'll be moving to another area. I say that in hopes that because I write that, it won't happen .... but yeah.

I love this area. With having baptisms the members seem even more enthusiastic about the work. What I've noticed though is the amazing joy we've had in helping these people and help them grab on and live the principles of the gospel! No matter how many members come up to us and say, "wow! That's so great you're having all these baptisms," it will never compare to seeing these people and the way they've changed their lives for the better! DyC18:10-16. YES.

We are teaching simpler and more bold. The Spirit is in our lessons more readily and testifying of truth. My testimony is being strengthened everyday in talking, teaching, and testifying to people in the streets and in lessons. What a rare time in my life to nourish this great thirst I've felt while trying to accomplish other things in my life.

I love you all! Thanks for your love and pictures and thoughts and comments. I love hearing about it all and knowing what is going on with each of you. I know the Lord blesses us with patience and the strength to continue forward, no matter what our carga .... burden?! Love always, Hermana Clark

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