Saturday, August 7, 2010

august 3

What a SWEEEEEET week this was! To be together, again, Hermana Nielsen and I have discussed some things we are going to work on this month [we no longer call these transfers, all reporting systems refer to months now]. We have been humbled by some things we know we can improve on and have seen changes already. We also had our district leader ask us about how our practices are in companion study. Needless to say, it was cool he completely pinpointed us, but we also felt a little stupid, after being together for so long we still really struggle with the simple act of practicing (I can't even say it's something we've gotten lazy at or something ... we just have never quite developed that while we've been together). We plan lessons but rarely will practice teaching the investigator and such. Well, we have 5 weeks to improve! We focused on practicing this week and never have been able to teach the lessons we did practice ... but we know it will improve our teaching! Faith! So, we've been humbled and it feels good.

I will say, one day this week was suuuuuuuper long. We had one appointment and one service activity (we're teaching Fransisca's brother, "Chango," how to read english out of the Book of Mormon) and both were cancelled. I don't know what it was with the day but it was long. I got tired. By the end of the day, I won't lie, I looked forward to not being a missionary in 6 1/2 months. Ok I repented of that thought though because the next day was Sunday and we had 5 people in church and it was craaaaaazy!!

Rosa Mercado changed her date to August 21! Wahoo! Nothing is in the way, she just has to check if her english teacher's son can baptize her that day! We're hoping she gets to the branch campout this weekend with her boys. It'll be a miracle ... but we have faith and have seen many miracles!

We went by Rosy's this week to have a lesson and she was in a mad rush and we didnt' know what was happening. She drove away and and were a minute or two behind and saw her pull over to the side of the road and saw Armando run across the street and watched the first few moments of them embrace. He's been in Mexico for a month and it has been a very VERY long month for her. That was tender to watch. Like a soldier returning. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow we will be talking to them to see if they would like to get married and baptized the 21st as well!!! She was excited to see when we can come by again! Glad to see that family all back together again!

Now for the most exciting thing that happened this week. I've noticed in teaching, that when lessons are taught with the Spirit, I feel like I am watching Hermana Nielsen and Clark teach, and I am somehow a fly on the wall. It is ... incredible. We taught Juan this week [the referral I talked about last week who was given a ride by a member because he felt impressed to stop]. Well come to find out, Juan had NEVER taken the bus before but is unable to use his car for this month. So he made the journey to the bus stop for the first time ... and Jeff found him! OH MY GOODNESS I have never seen a man so prepared to learn how we are children of our Heavenly Father and how he has a plan for us and has sent lots of help for us to know the way. He said as he walked into church last week with Jeff (knowing very little about the Mormons), he felt all of his worries and burdens lifted and literally left outside. He could NOT wipe the smile off of his face. He was so excited to find out that church was not only an hour long, but 3 hours long!

We taught him last night, again, in the Kurocik's home and WOW. Celestial lesson, as we call it, in a members home. He could recognize the spirit there as well. The Kurocik's will be great friends with him, seeing as they are both converts, Hno Kurocik after studying to be a Catholic Priest and finding doctrinal inaccuracies. Hna Kurocik shares her testimony of studying the scriptures to find answers through the Holy Ghost. Oh my goodness. We cannot walk out of those lessons without saying a prayer of complete gratitude for helping Jeff find Juan! WOAH! Juan last night pretty much told us he knows that all of this is telling him he needs to keep going in this way. Oh wow ... pretty much he is golden. He is soooo ready for the gospel in his life to lift burdens and have that hope that the world is just sorely lacking. Funny part of last night was also when we were talking about food and our health before the lesson. Hno Kurocik turned to Juan and said [after Juan had said he loooooves sugar. He's a cook at the Hilton and so he's always around good food], "You're a dead man." Oh man it's just so amazing to see members click with investigators and help them. We are doing pretty much nothing in this .... we preach ... it is the spirit that teaches and the members that befriend. THAT IS HOW MISSIONARY WORK SHOULD BE DONE. The end.

Hermana Nielsen and I. Have I told you all of the near misses at BYU? First, living. He lived in Mackenzie and Spencer's ward in Moutainview condos. I sometimes went to that church and we both remember going to the outdoor church that one time on a fast Sunday. I almost was her roommate at the last condo she was living at, but at the last minute opted not to take that contract [I know her roommate] ... which brings up the whole roommate thing. We both worked with each others roommate. I worked at the MTC with Alicia and she worked with my roommate Emily at Brick Oven. Then WE both did early morning custodial winter semester in buildings right next to each other. Our bosses were really good friends and often doing things together. We both took nutrition 100, Judaism and the gospel, and Presidents of the church (all from the same teachers). ANYWAY small world. We know we're here now for a reason and it is so cool to see how the Lord's hand is in our lives and those we're able to serve!

I love being a missionary, and I am grateful for these trials and opportunities to serve and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that we have been given the authority to bring the world His truth! Thank you for letters. I was chided this week by a friend for not writing back. In truth, I should be by all my friends. Thank you for your love and prayers. Love always, Hermana Clark

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