Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10 "I will have to pray about marrying you"

We had a day this week that we were whistled at and asked if they could wait for us to not be missionaries to marry us. Hermana Nielsen was asked "God told me I should marry you." She responded with, "I'll have to pray about it" or something like that. Funny funny. Entertaining. After a bunch of men yelled "I love you" we heard another man yelling from the pool in a very sweet voice, "there are my two favorite young ladies." His name is Barry and he is from PA. Whenever we're in the area he comes out and talks to us. Very nice man .... not interested in the church. Glad we put a smile on someone's face!

What happened this week? We got a call from Elbia and Manuel Sunday morning and I didn't hear it. 10 minutes later I checked the message and they said they were outside. I grabbed an hermana in the branch and we searched the parking lot and they weren't there (nor did they answer the phone). My heart sank. They are the cutest couple. I have never seen two treat each other with so much respect. Both probably in their 50s or 60s with health problems. Both searching for something more. She's the one who said "every mormon I talk to is so peaceful. Why?" So we were SOOOO EXCITED they made it to church ... but then I didn't hear the phone? Yeah I was kicking myself. Anyway, sat through socidad de socorro and right before Sacrament las hermanas en la rama next to us called and said, "I think you're investigators are here". OUr buildings are SUPER close and theirs is actually closer. We ran out and drove over to them and stayed for their sacrament. hahahah sometimes you just .... ajust to the needs of the investigators. For some reason they needed to be in Valencia this past week to hear two really good talks about the family and husbands and wives. :)

the Branch here is awesome. they sometimes call us telling us about our investigators. Sunday, we found out that Rosy and Armando went on the campout! We couldn't get a hold of them this past week and sometimes get a little chided if we just stop by. So .... cool! The branch certainly fellowships!!!! Still planning on two baptisms, one for the 21st for Rasa Mercado, and sometime on or before September 4th for Rosy (and Armando??) Anyway, the work is going well. It is exciting. I have less than a month left here in the area. We ate at a family's house this week (first of all ... every family is AWESOME here ....) .... but we were talking about some of the people we're teaching and mentioned we needed a large print libro de mormon and they said, here ... give them these reading glasses and we'll try and find the right prescription! then they gave us a tent for Rosa Mercado to go on the campout (turned out she didn't go with her boys ... but it wasn't because she didn't have a tent!). Yeah, anyway, cool members who just offer up anything that is needed.

Recently, it seems, maybe it was all at once, we've talked to lots of people who have lost children when they are teenagers. Yuck that is so hard. I canNOT IMAGINE. That with others stories, it made me ponder a lot on the plan our Heavenly Father has for us. It is perfect and complete!

Last night we talked to a young man in a parking lot. It was dark and so we identified ourselves and he said .... yeah ... I usually go to church. He was completely embarrassed he was smoking a cigarette. Ashamed. He was only 14. We told him very bluntly, we do not think of you any different, Shane. You are a son of God! He loves you no matter what you do! The decision you've made to smoke that cigarette, and presumably others, however, is a decision he is not pleased with. He promised us he would not by another pack. I pray he keeps that promise. The Spirit testified to me of that principle. God's love does not correlate with our decisions. He loves us no matter what. His blessings, however, are contingent on our obedience. 3rd article of faith.

Love love. Thanks for your love, prayers, examples, and hard work! I love each of you!! Love always, Hermana Clark

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