Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29

The famed Bassetts

practicing safe driving methods in their mission shirts...nice.

Thursday we officially said goodbye to the Bassetts. Sad, hard, good. I don't really know what to say about it, but that I love them. It feels like we're losing our parents. Kind of wierd because we're being sent new parents though. I don't know. Zone Conference was awesome. Different than before and just perfect for this transfer and them leaving. I thought Pres. was so funny to say, "if I can give you any advice ... take the advice you give to everyone .... read and pray."  President is just awesome. I can see him going back and helping lots of returned missionaries continue on with their lives.  We ate lunch after going to the temple and he got up and made some announcements and just said "when you get home .... text me. I want to hear from you. I want to hear from each of you. I want to know what you're doing, where you're going, who you're going with."  That only made him feel more like a loving parent leaving his child. Oh they are so great. The temple was incredible to be there with so many missionaries. I don't know how to go on about that except that ... it just was. I don't know if I said this before but what I learned from the Bassetts is to BECOME LIKE CHRIST.

We had a tragety in the stake this week.  Sunday morning just seemed heavy. A 2 year-old little boy drowned in their own pool.  The mom is 8 months pregnant and has 1 or 2 other kids. Yikes. Oh just ..... what do you say? What do you do? Yes you know the plan that God has but as one woman said, "her arms will just ache to hold him."

We saw lots of miracles this week and found people who needed someone right in that moment. I love seeing that happen. NO such thing as a coincidence, especially when we are preaching the gospel.

I love this branch we are serving in! Arboleda! I just love it!!! We know the members and they are getting much more comfortable with us.  I remember someone saying, "if someone in the branch asks you to help out .... do it. Don't say no."  I feel like we've been able to help out in some strange ways (we've folded napkins 2x now ..... don't worry we're pro's now :)  ) but that it is in serving that people come to see that we are here to help in any way possible, whether it's sharing a scripture, thanking them for having a home with the Spirit in it, whatever.  We ate at the Lee's house again this week. Our 3rd time with them. It felt like we were visiting family, no joke. Pretty awesome! We even took pictures after!

Weird week with changing Presidents. Very excited to meet President Ellsworth on Thursday! We know there will be changes and we will stand behind him 100%! This is the Lord's work - no doubt. I pray we are humble enough to do it in His way because without his work we might as well sleep all day.  Poco por poco.

Ok I have some more time. This whole changing president thing is even more weird because I came on my mission knowing that this would be my halfway mark. Ok so evaluation time: how has the first half of my mission been. I feel pretty confident that I have given my heart, but I know that I have learned a lot and I am capable of doing a lot more the next half of my mission.  More than ever though, it will require humility and relying on the Spirit. I can get really caught up in things, be it things that happened before the mission, things I want to happen after the mission, different investigators, members .... the list could go on, but I also know that I have been set apart from the world to be a messenger and representative of Jesus Christ. We helped Claudia and Ashley Granados move this week and before we left we all shared our favorite scriptures. She read a scripture and just said, "this is talking about you hermanas. you are angels." It was so special to see how we're able to bring the world God's truth through our simple ways of doing what we can and leaving the rest to the Lord.  Remember the One, as Elder Wirthlin counseled.  One thing I've been thinking a lot about is comments from President when he says, "maybe you don't want to talk to that guy ... because you know he'll give problems to the EQP and the Bishop .... the gospel is not for him.  NO, the gospel IS for him." It is about lifting those where we stand and inviting others to come unto Christ, wherever they may be. We are denying the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ when we make judgements like that.

We talked to some 16 year old boys this week who are up to no good. I pray they come to understand of these things one day. As of right now .... they are enjoying their ways of finding "pleasure" and it makes me sick. It is just wrong. They have no idea though. They haven't had anyone teach them what is true and good.  Oh how important the youth are!

Ok I love you all! Time flies! Great work and great miracles going on! Thank you for you love and prayers! Until next week! Hermana Clark
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