Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1

Sorry I had to put that as the subject, random comment from this week. Lots of random and crazy stuff this week. Where do I start?

Evelin is the big one. Girls camp started on Saturday and even Friday night we didn't know if she was going to Mexicali or girls camp. Well, she called us Saturday morning to ask when they're meeting. We said 8 (it was 745) and we were elated she was going! la la la la la we go through the day and go by a members house who just moved and they just happened to mention to us that the girls left at 7am .... not 8am. YIKES! We made a few phone calls .... scrambling ..... But ... would she be going to Mexicali? When is her ride coming? Did she still want to go? We stopped by their house every moment we could (yes we stalk) and called a couple times during the day with no reply/response. What the heck do we do. If I was Evelin ... I would be a little ticked off with the irresponsible sister missionaries. AYE. All the Bishops and their wives were going up for Sunday to be with their girls, as well as the Stake Presidency. Bishop Higgin's wife (the only bishop we know ... since we're really only connected to the Branch) said they could bring her, but they were leaving at 6am Sunday morning. As of 9pm Saturday night, we had not heard from them.  Alas prayers are answered! As we were driving home, Claudia called and said she still wanted to go and she was really sad this morning but she'd love to go tomorrow! So we agreed to all meet at her house Sunday at 6am with Bishop Higgins and his wife. HORRAYYYYY! I have never been so happy to be out and about at 6am on a Sunday morning! We saw Evelin off to girls camp!

Their baptism is scheduled for this Saturday. Evelin is coming back from girls camp Wednesday and her ride to Mexicali is coming anytime Thursday, Saturday, or next week. Claudia has found a ride to California for Saturday or maybe next week. They certainly want to get baptized, but so far, these are the only people they are able to get to help them move/leave. Not to mention, the boyfriend came back and half kicked them out of their apartment. Yikes. I don't know a prayer we've said that doesn't say their names in it.

We had another miracle this week! We've been teaching a family for a few months that don't seem to be progressing. We planned a lesson about la expiacion is necesario y leads us to baptism for a remission of our sins. Therefore making promises with God that if we strive to keep the commandments, He'll send His spirit to guide/help us.  After, dipping a qtip in handsanitizer and lighting it on fire. We have to get baptized to be saved. (if you just light a qtip ... it burns. it is spared if you put handsanitizer on it).  Kind of expecting to drop them.  Well we taught them, and they slowly got more and more intune with what we were teaching.  Marta got a little defensive about baptism but we asked if when they got baptized before, it was how Jesus Christ was baptized. "No, it wasn't."  There is one way to be baptized. By the proper authority, by immersion. Anway, Jenny committed to be baptized! We set the date for June 12, but we are going to be pushing it back. Anyway, EXCITING! The end of the night even ended with us planning a dinner we ate last night! YUM! Mexican food is good. But baptisms are even better!

Our Branch mission leader is awesome and he has been a huge help this week with all these crazy CRAZY things falling through and not happening.  Miracles though. We are seeing miracles. We are finding more people to teach and finding ways to serve.

We had interviews yesterday and it happened to be after a meeting (kind of like a really long district meeting) that I just felt completely worn out. The fact was I just needed to eat. Being tired, exhausted, and hungry are not a good combination. President Bassett is amazing though. Right now is such precious time with Hermana Nielsen. I don't know how much more of my mission I will be with a companion that literally ..... we just work well together. It provides for good time to identify weaknesses and improve them, together. Pretty awesome! President always teases us about not getting along. We hope we're staying together for 2 more transfers, but that might be asking a bit much. Whatever the Lord asks, we will follow.

I love this area. I love the members. Lots of them are struggling right now in the branch. Divorce from not faithful/righteous husbands, losing homes because money is not coming in, homes you're renting that the owner are paying for so you're on your own to find another one, being sick, family member suddenly passing away. No one in our branch presidency was even there on Sunday.  Our joint RS/Priesthood lesson was on adversities and all I could think was "yes we have lots of adversities and desafios and such .... but what really are we preparing for? ETERNAL LIFE. Mateo 6:33.  I think that mindset comes much easier as a missionary.

I love this work! I am so privileged to be serving here as the Lord's servant for the spanish-speaking people! Language is coming, with His help! This work will continue to go forward!

Love you love you love you! Thank you for your prayers, love, letters, pictures, todo. I love it all!
Love, Hermana Clark

PS June 4 is always my halfway mark. And Sarah's Birthday. and MOM'S 50TH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

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