Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 15

Saturday was kind of a miserable day becuase I was preparing to leave (we've been together for 3 transfers now, in our second area).  We came home to an empty house and planned and just waited for the phone to ring. Aye was it nervewracking (sp?). Elder Pebley, our district leader, called and was so happy and laughing. We were so confused and he said "Hermanas, you're going on for another transfer!" We went crazy! We screamed and hugged and high fived! WAHOO! Dream come true! Same area, my amazing Hermana Nielsen, oh sweetness!

Most of our investigators we've been teaching have kind of dropped us or moved. Sad and discouraging, but the work will go forward! We are excited we know the area, la rama, and go forward with faith finding those who are dying without the gospel in their lives (technically ... that's everyone ... but some are ready to realize that more than others that it is their spirits that need to be nourished by la palabra de Dios).  Anyway .... we are excited! Strange excitement, but good! Our branch president came up to us on Sunday with the branch list and said, "Hermanas, who is this? And Do you know him?" This last transfer we regularly went through the rama list and made sure to know who everyone is and have tried to visit each family (still have some more, but we know who everyone is!).  We were so grateful to report we did know who those people were he asked about and that we reviewed the list often.  We're thinking this transfer we need to apply all that we know and help the members increase their missionary efforts. We know by doing so, their lives will be enriched. Even if everyone is going through a crisis, we are still called to serve. Lehi was given praise from the Lord, and then called to serve in other duties. It's a constant cycle or continuing to serve.  It will be exciting now that we have the trust of the members to really be able to help them see the vision of missionary work in their own lives!

Due to transfers and random stuff, this week was a little strange. Two Hermanas went home due to illness and we were relatively close to both of them. We found out about both the same day and .... just strange to see them just pack up and go.  In all reality, the mission is not everything. It's certainly a good thing, but everything is in the Lord's time and for them, maybe they only needed to serve for 9 or 11 months. Oh how I pray for them though! I've seen people come home from missions and really struggle.  "I went on a mission, why am I having a hard time with this." or "What do I do with myself now .... I used to have this purpose and now I have to think about myself again."  Both of them felt very strongly that this was the right thing though and for that I am so glad. Just a weird wake up call that the mission is not real life and that things can change in a matter of moments. All we can do, like I've said, is keep the commanments and trust in God.

Due to one of these, we had an Hermana with us the past few days.  Now, I say this in all seriousness, knowing I am a missionary, and not feeling like we weren't missionaries, but it has felt like a party with 3 of us! Everything is just so exciting with 3 of us! And Hermana Scott has been a blast to be with! Yesterday we worked half a day in our area and half a day in Liahona 3.  This was Hermana Nielsen's greanie area so she was in heaven! Remeniscing old times with her trainer and talking about all these people Hermana Scott didn't know of.  It was so exciting! We worked so hard yesterday, yet taught only one lesson to a woman who is not able to go to church because she is working in the afternoons. We came home exhausted and beat, but we love it. It will be sad to send her off after our few days together!

We went to dinner at a members house in the middle of a crisis. They were watching their aunts dog and it had escaped and run away. They literally had been looking for 10 hours.  They made fliers, talked to everyone, made phone calls. The mom broke down in tears when we walked in and asked if there was anything we could do.  They are a wonderful family of 3 kids.  Their father is currently working in Afganistan as part of the army ... but different than combat or anything. He comes home in a few weeks and it will be a huge event for them. This was the first time he's been away from his wife in 15 years. Oh this family! You knew this was such a hard time for them, but yet, they will keep going. A neighbor boy came running by to say they might have found the dog and so everyone jumped up and ran outside to see.  10 minutes later they came back with no dog. Wrong dog. We were sad, but were grateful that we could empty and load their dishwasher while they were gone. Oh the things that happen in our lives.

I am soooo SOOOO excited to be with Hermana Nielsen again. This next transfer will be the strangest of the mission seeing as we're getting a new mission president in 3 weeks. We are incredibly sad to be losing the Bassett's, but they have served faithfully for 3 years. The Ellsworth's will be great! We actually got a letter from them a few weeks ago, Hna and I, because we sent them a picture of us saying we were excited and praying for them!

Oh how wonderful it is to be a missionary! I never want to stop serving. I pray that when my time is up as a full-time missionary, I am ready to go home and move on with the next part of my life. As for now, we'll work hard, give it our all, and pray for the Lord's help in finding his children who are thirsting for the gospel right now.

I love talking to people and I secretly like talking to people when they don't want to talk to us.  I want to bring the spirit and let it touch their hearts, leaving them wanting more. We got cursed out the other day by someone we've been trying to teach and that was .... funny .... but you just go on. It is SUCH a joy be a misionera! Love all, Hermana Clark

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