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july 6

4th of July


President Spence Ellsworth! Things are changing here in Mesa, Arizona .... and all over the world. This morning we had a meeting with our Zone about how we're kind of losing the whole transfer thing and we're making goals and things are going from the 1st to the last of the month. "transfer days" I guess are going to be the same, every 6 weeks, but all goals and what not are 1st-last day. Zone conference and interviews are quarterly. They're stressing Preach My Gospel more as well as exchanges. Well, maybe this is also having a new President. No se pero this is super exciting! I'm going on exchanges with Hermana Mazariegos tonight. She is from Guatemala and has been in the mission for a few weeks! Mas espanol! o and she is a full field spanish sister! Horray for more full-field spanish!!!!

This last Thursday we met President and Sister Ellsworth and two of their daughters. They are excited to be here and feel so honored to serve here! I don't know how to describe them but they are eager to work and serve us. It is very evident by their love and testimonies of the gospel! Here's some things on them. President loves ice cream. He was a farmer until 15 years ago when he got involved in life insurance .... aka so they can now be mission presidents. They met a BYU. Sister Ellsworth is from Seattle and said it was SUPER hard to get used to country life in Carey, ID! They have about 1000 people including the outskirts there ... so Mesa is a different life. This is the first time they've ever moved in their married lives! They have 7 kids and 6 grandkids! Their last one, Angela, is 16ish, will be a sophmore in high school. Amy is heading to BYU for her freshman year. Scott is a Utah State and served his mission .... where else .... MONGOLIA. Ellsworths even went to go visit Mongolia ... and we heard some stories of Mongolia. I felt like I was at home ... kind of weird to think of that as being familiar but it was cool to hear more of that land! And then ... I think ... 4 married kids. One just had a baby last month! Sister Ellsworth reminds me the Meg Ryan in You've got mail (I don't want to dim how awesome she is ... because I don't like comparing people to movie people ... because they're just characters) but she is cheery and happy and humble and .... we just love her!

We taught a family last night who was taught 5 years ago. The old Branch President stopped us (when he happened to buy us ice cream :) ) and asked us about them. He said he gave one of their children a blessing when they needed a kidney transplant. After the blessing ... he didn't need one. We focused on authority. We're excited to go back! His friend was even there that's living in another area. We gave our only Libro de Mormon last night to the father and his friend right away, looked at it and said ..... can i have one? We asked him why he'd want one ... and he said to learn more about Jesus Christ. Horray!

We set two dates this week with Rosa Maria ... who's actually just named Rosy .... and Rosa ... who actually is a Rosa Maria. So Rosy and Rosa tiene una fecha for the 4th of September. Both of them picked that date and they are excited for it! That is the last week of .... next transfer (I don't know if we're using that work still .... not sure ....) so we're praying I'm here through next transfer. We've been teaching Rosy since February. Armando, her "esposo" is in Mexico getting a divorce so they can get married. She this week told us her goal is to get married by the church .... aka in the temple. She is hoping that Armando gets baptized in September too. We're .... excited!!! They're awesome! We also had 2 other investigators at church. Yeah for church attendance! I've historically had a bad track record on helping people come to church so that was super exciting!

Yesterday we decided we wanted to go to an English Bishop to talk to him about our work (none of them know us ...) and he said his 2nd couselor's first language is spanish. They had an english fireside a few months ago and because they have so many people in their ward who also speak spanish ... they were thinking of having a spanish fireside. Cool! We're onboard! It was just so interesting to think of going to see him and him literally saying to us "wow, it's funny you stopped by. we've been talking about this for a while." Horray for all working together! This is the Lord's work and we need to be unified in it!

We had some time Sunday afternoon and so we knocked a few trailors of people we didn't know. I ... am not fond of dogs. Especially chijajas (how do you spell that?) Well, two were chained up, barking like crazy. I somehow had the guts to walk through them and knock on the door. No one answered after a few minutes so I started walking back. One of them started tugging on my skirt. HAHAHA We even talked about this a few months ago with Sister Bassett ... but I bolted. It was funny. I was freaked out but just laughed when I got into the street. hahahaha

Ok I love you all! Congrats Kenz and Spencer!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures! You're all in my prayers! Keep up the good work and serving with all our heart, might, mind, and strength! Love always, Hermana Clark

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