Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25

Yesterday we woke up to go running and got cold! What a nice surprise! And I took a hot shower for the first time in weeks (usually it's nice to just cool off!) What are the temps ... around 70-80. Sunday night it cooled off and I had to put on a sweater and it was so weird! I look forward to being cold again, but I have a feeling my blood has been thinning out and it'll be 10x easier than before!

We had an incredible Sunday here in Arizona because the Gila (pronounced heel-a) Valley temple was dedicated and all of Arizona worthy members were able to watch.  What a power in the work that goes on in the temple! OH MAN! It is a beautiful temple and we are excited to have 2 more built here in Arizona in the next few years (I really have no idea what's happening with Phoenix and Gilbert ... no members have really known too much as of late ... if anything has changed). 

Right now we are still fasting and praying for our 200 baptisms in the mission. We have set the date for Claudia and Evelin for June 5th. It will take a miracle for them to move and get baptized, but we are praying for the faith to see it happen, and doing all we can to prepare them and find a place for them to live!

I love you all! This is the work of the Lord! Keep his commandments and he'll bless us! Thanks for your love, prayers, letters, and service! Love alwyas, Hermana Clark

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