Monday, November 2, 2009

November 1

Hola! Woah it's already another Preparation Day! The weather in Provo is beautiful right now and I love it. Yesterday, talking to an Elder who is from Mesa, I heard I will be going when it is the best weather there! Boo ya - 2 weeks! This week we started learning the second lesson in espanol! (1st lesson is on the Restoration of the church to the Earth, 2nd lesson is the plan of salvation). I LOVE the 2nd lesson and being able to tell people there is a plan here on earth for each of us - we're not just here willy nilly. This week, however, I realized how much more there is to learn though.  Doesn't stop me from loving the language though! We have native friends from Peru, Mexico, and Paraguay and often I like to go in there and try to say as much espanol as possible (then they practice their english)! I am excited for Arizona though to really see what I can say. Haha needless to say I'm sure there will be many funny moments when I think I say something and turns out it was totally wrong. Actually I just look forward to actually being able to communicate in espanol. It will be a glorious day! Until then (and after) .... I'll continue working hard at the language!!

In our rooms here at the MTC we have 6 Hermanas in a room. After yesterdays Daylight Savings extra hour of sleep (wahooooo!), I woke up this morning 5am ready to start the day. Nice to find out I still had another 45 min to sleep! Around about 520 an alarm goes off. Usually, nothing lasts more than a few seconds ... well I guess someone was super tired. I'm half asleep at this point though and was very entertained by the noise. It was like a game "I wonder how long it'll go off ..... wow this is a long time!" Hna Barlow even said I was laughing. hahaha needless to say, I was quite amused. It turned out Hna Barlow hadn't put her alarm clock next to her bed so she didn't know it was hers. Anyways, it definitely put me in a great mood for the day! Much better than waking up to tones for the ambulance and running out the door!

This week Elder Perry came to speak at the devotional on Tuesday night (he is a 12 apostle ... he works with the Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson).  It was quite a thrill to see him! Interesting, however, because he based his remarks on a talk Elder Holland gave.  In fact, the same remarks we'd seen the Sunday before that talking teaching. The Elders in our district were blown away - some had never seen an apostle. It made me sooooo grateful for the many opportunities I've had to be in the presence and hear words or talk to an apostle of the Lord. They truly do have a special spirit with them and it is wonderful! Even hearing a similar message, he made me desire to study/ponder/know the scriptures more than ever. I am so grateful for that! I love love love the scriptures and am trying to use all my time wisely in order to learn from them in every way possible. The Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price!

This week was definitely different than other weeks but I'm not really sure why. One day was particularly different and though it was filled with its own challenges, many opportunities for service were also provided. Like I've talked about before, I love being able to serve the Lord and forget myself. Charity. charity charity charity. Yeah. Only reconfirmed what I've said before and it is wonderful.

Yesterday we had Mission Conference. It is when our MTC Presidency talks to us.  For me, a main topic was obedience and as missionaries we constantly get this message. EXACT OBEDIENCE. We don't wake up at 631 or go to bed at 1031. It is 630am and 1030pm.  I am finding many blessings from trying to live obediently as well as having a willing heart. I'll admit, it's not always easy to be willing to go everywhere you want to go with a companion, instead of really fast running somehwere and being back a few minutes later. It is for a reason though. Similar to the commandments of God, whether the 10 commandments or what our prophet commands of us.  We may not understand why but once we recognize it is from God, we follow. 

2 more weeks. I love the MTC but I know the next 16 months in Arizona will be incredible. Teaching about the gospel is becoming a passion. I look forward to all the challenges ahead!

Thank you for the letters of what is going on and the support! I love hearing about it all! God bless you all! I pray you are all finding joy in your daily endeavors.

Love always, Hermana Clark

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