Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16

Email is super slow today. Wonderful last week in the MTC.

Yesterday I received a call from a woman wondering what our church believes on people with disabilities. I do not know the official statement on this but I shared with her my testimony that God has a plan for each of us and knows the physical limitations her brother has (autism) and the struggles she goes through to take care of him. She shared with me something very special. She has neighbors who are members and the missionaries were over when they went to their house to drop something off. Her brother was with her, and said to hey "they are here sent from God."  She asked how he knew this. He said, "Jesus told me."  In many ways I believe those who have mental disabilities are more aware with their spiritual eyes. It was a testimony to me that though we don't understand all that goes on here on earth, we have faith. We put our trust in God. As a missionary, I put my foot forward and share the gospel with everyone! Tomorrow is a big day! I feel like I've been preparing for this all my life!

This week I feel like I connected learning more about the gospel with learning Spanish. The purpose of learning Spanish is not to master the language. It is to be able to communicate the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to more of God's children. Oh how excited I am to improve my Spanish and be able to do that much more effectively right now!

I do not think I've shared the funniest moment here while at the MTC. We were doing something with our companions in our classroom and one of the Elders was done with his waterbottle. He was looking at the floor and decided to chuck the bottle towards the garbage can with everything he had (he has a huge wing span!) Well, he forgot that Hermana Barlow was between he and the garbage can. This waterbottle hit her square in the forehead. Everyone in the class just stopped.  We didn't have any warning. It just WHACKED her. After a few seconds she laughed and turned to the Elder out of complete shock. hahahah It was quite funny. I will send pictures soon .... sorry!

I love the MTC and will miss it, but I am excited to go to Arizona tomorrow! Hopefully everything will fit in my suitcase!

The other day we discussed the Atonement and all shared scriptures that had significant meaning to us. Very special time to bond with these Elders. I love them! I have had the opportunity to see them grow in the short 2 months. I will leave you with the two scriptures that have particular significance to me and then I must go! John 14:6 because I learned it in primary and have loved it every since. Then 2 Nephi 2:8. Oh I love the scriptures!

I love you I love you I love you! Thank you for your letters and prayers! I pray all is well with each of you! Love, Hermana Clark

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