Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24 Arrived in Arizona!

HOLA! Ok so yes I made it to Mesa and what a day that was! I've been here a week now and I'm not going to lie, I'm excited for the next year and a half! :) I met my companion, Hermana Ghan, and it rhymes with fan (don't worry I thought of that myself). She is from Ogden and has been out for a little under a year.  You know it is wonderful when we come out dressed for the day in pretty much the same clothes! Haha We are serving in a ward that comprises 3 stakes. We serve with 4 other Elders so we cover pretty much ... one stake. (FYI Spanish ward!) Sunday I had the privilege of introducing myself to the ward by giving a talk! I had fair warning though so I wrote my talk and had others correct it. Pretty nerve wracking for the first Sunday but it was fun! So far things go ok when contacting/meeting people but if they say anything back to me .... I kind of just smile and they get that I don't really understand. It definitely makes for fun times. Or phone calls! Oh those are fun! I have actually talked to people on the phone ... understand a word or two, and responded to what I think they're saying. This week has been a week of new! I live in Arizona. There are palm trees. The weather here is beautiful. Perfect time of year!

What else?! I know ... you don't know what it's like here. I'm not very good at painting a picture of what life is like here in words. Something I'll work on.

We drive. Oh, Mom, thank you for the Wendy's coupons! "It's just enough" Hna Ghan and I left the mission home and headed straight for ice cream or "oucream" as a little kid would say it! Yummmmm!

Hna Ghan has been in the ward for 6 months and had 2 baptisms on Saturday, but sadly they both moved to other areas.  We got to go to them and they were AMAZING. Such a thrill to meet people who decide to show their faith by getting baptized!

The work in our area is going well! We have many members who are very willing to help and refer us to people who might be interested in learning more about the gospel.

Our ward is HUGE!!!  Goes back into the gym for sacrament.
We have one investigator whose name is Fransisco.  He is so eager to learn about the gospel and it is always a thrill to teach him. We always plan what we're going to teach and ask him at the beginning what he knows about it. As it turns out, he pretty much teaches us what he knows and shares his testimony of it. He is getting baptized December 26. He wanted to get baptized January 2 because he is a new man for the new year. We all decided getting baptized for Christmas would be a good present for the the Savior.  I am really looking forward to that. A LOT. I sat next to him in Gospel Principles (Sunday School) on Sunday and he loves learning more and more.  People's lives really are changed when they put their whole heart into living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Que mas? Arizona is so different than ... anywhere I've ever been. It feels like I'm in a different country. I don't know if I saw a two story house (besides apartments) for a few days. So many homes are one story. Oh yeah and our apartment. I've never had so much closet room in my life. Who knew I just needed to come on a mission? I guess it's also because I don't have all the other junk I seemed to accumulate in college.  The people here are wonderful.

President Bassett and his wife are fantastic! Haven't had too much time with them but I am so excited to be in this mission! Our goal is to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS. Yes that means a Christmas with baptisms. We are praying and working hard to see those miracles.

I love you all. Thank you for your support and prayers. The work is hard and there's a lot to learn.  One thing that is evident is that the Lord knows His people, and we are his agents. We are simply the messengers. It is a joy to share my testimony.

One person we said hi to responded with "NOOOOOT INTERESTED."  Yes, I am a missionary and wearing this plaque says something right away.

Happy to be here in Arizona! Love, Hermana Clark

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