Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26

Wahoo ... yes if anyone didn't know yesterday was my Dad's 50 Birthday! Congrats on not only being 50 but THE BEST DAD EVER!

This week we taught in EspaƱol! Wahoo! Definitely a success! And I cannot say that is because of what we know but because of the Holy Ghost bearing witness to what we are (or trying to) say. We only took simple notes into the lesson and ended up answering questions and explaining more than we ever had to our "investigators." We have had many more opportunities to teach and it is definitely coming along! Strange to know that we've taught people about the gospel of Jesus Christ in Spanish ... yesterday I literally had a WOW I CANNOT BELIEVE WE'VE DONE THAT moment. haha It is incredible how much we are given when we put faith in God. We definitely have a LONG ways to go and I pretty much know every other word I say is not said/conjugated/placed correctly. hahaha It is fun to see how much we CAN communicate though!

On Wednesday I had the privilege of seeing Ray Clinton (new missionary from my church in NJ)! If anyone has seen the movie XMen I like to think of it like we've living in the mansion they live in. They don't really have contact with others (we're definitely not secluded but ... moreso than if we had cell phones ... anyway ...)when new missionaries come on Wednesdays it's this huge WELCOME!! We're so glad you're here. We're all a huge family ... all 2000 of us. Anyway it was fun to say Ray ... I mean Elder Clinton! I saw him just an hour after he came to the MTC and was still with his host. When we put our name tags on you can sometimes guess where people are going because of how it says "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" aka mine is in Espanol. Well anyway his was in Japanese so these Elders who have been here 9 weeks started talking to him in Japanese and to their surprise he started talking back to them!! haha They definitely were not expecting that and were quite taken back. In anycase - Ray is already an incredible missionary! He seems to be wonderful every day that I see him!

This week was all teaching and espanol. We did get to see a great talk/lesson/training thing from Elder Holland yesterday on teaching. I learned so much from it and I hope I can work on implementing the points he made so I can be an effective teacher! I find teaching a delight! I've never found so much joy in it; it used to give me the creeps ... ok no just made me super nervous!

One thing I think I've begun to understand MUCH more this week is the phrase "charity never faileth." In the scriptures we know charity is the pure love of Christ. We also learn "if we have charity, we are nothing." Everything done here on earth, without love, serves no purpose. It does not fulfill anything to the point that it could. Brief thoughts but this week a light went on in my head.

Sometimes here I feel like I've known something for so long but I have so many AHA moments. Kind of like when I realized why "UHaul" was called U-haul (is that how you spell it ....)

Aver ...

My teacher, Hna Smith, served in Paraguay and was companions with a girl there who is now on a mission (before she would just be a missionary for a few weeks). I LOVE her. She is so much fun and great to talk to. She practices her english, I practice my spanish, and we share the great things that happen each day. Her name is Hna Arce. Her companion has given her some troubles so it is always great to be able to let her kick back and relax at night.

Something funny this week?? Hmmm lots was funny but most of the things we find to be funny are really not that funny. Sorry nothing this week. Don't worry we've definitely done LOTS of laughing.

I don't know what else to say this week but It's great here. Life couldn't be better! Arizona in 3 weeks! I get flight plans in a week and a half! Weird the MTC is almost over but it'll be grand to finally go to Arizona!!

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! I love hearing about your lives and what you've been up to/thinking about. Thank you for your prayers and support! The gospel of Jesus Christ really is here on the earth today and will bring us happiness if we act in faith. I love it. And I love each of you.

Amor siempre,
Hermana Clark

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