Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13 - Hungaria, lake powell and white legs

The Bryson's have a phone that rings ... and then a computer voice says who it is. We're in the basement so we can hear it but maybe not as clear. I've been living her for 5 months now and I've noticed ... for 5 months ... that they get a lot of calls from Hungaria. They don't seem to pick them up ... and they get one just about every single day. Well, first question of any intelligent person is, where the heck is hungaria ... because it isn't a real place. Yeah, well that's besides the point because for 5 months I was wondering who the Bryson's know in "Hungaria" and why they're never answering when they call. This week we heard it when we were studying and I said something like, ".... Hungaria! what's new!" And Hermana Nielsen turned to me and said very inquisitively ... I don't know how to write that .... "wow .... hermana .... I just realized something ... what if it's saying "out of the area". OH MY GOODNESS! This was a week ago and it doesn't matter where we are, what we're doing ... but I just lose it and laugh! Then a few days later Hermana Nielsen says ... Hungaria isn't a real place, is it? There's Hungry ... and Bulgaria ... but Hungaria????" Ok stupid moment of my life. And it took 5 months to correct. I hope you thought that was funny cause we're still laughing about it! HUNGARIA!

We had interviews this week with President Ellsworth! He is such a great man! I think of the quote on p 185 from Elder Holland about listening and applying what people are telling you about to the gospel. He is a very good listener. They are all about "heavenly questions" to ask. Not the usual ones you ask ... but the ones the person you are teaching needs so THEY can be taught by the spirit in thinking about their response. Oh they are so wonderful! [I feel wierd saying that ... and I feel like I'm neglecting that the Bassetts were wonderful too ... but they're different and it's exactly what the mission needs]. I had some time to sit down with Sister Ellsworth and just talk about life and her kids. Oh I love that lady! She's spunky and happy and listens to the Spirit.

Everyday when we walk outside I feel like we're at Lake Powell. I think that's why I don't mind the heat that much ... because it reminds me of lake powell and vacation. It ranges from 95 (which is perfect) to 113 (I think). It's not too bad ... some days we're absolutely soaked and it's just kind of funny and gross. Life goes on. Goodwill clothes continue to sustain us. They're pretty awesome. We just met a recent convert in the stake who's whole living room is from DI. Nothing in there cost more than 5 dollars. And you know what ... it looked pretty nice, really. I know I don't have much taste but it did NOT look like second hand stuff at all. Horray for cheap stuff!

The work! We've been memorizing a quote that President Ellsworth wants us to recite together as missionaries. I think I almost have it down. "I have often said one fo the greatest secrets of missionary work is work. If a missionary works, he will get the spirit. If he gets the spirit, he will teach by the spirit. If he teaches by the spirit, he will touch the hearts of the people and he will be happy. There will be no homesickness. No worrying about the families, for all time and talents and interests will be centered on the work of the ministry. Work, work, work - there is no satisfactory substitute, espcially in missionary work. -President Benson. Whenever we're outside trying to contact people or even members to talk to them about missionary work .... I like to say that quote. It helps me stay focused on forgetting about the fact that my clothes are sticking to me or that no one is opening their door or that people are not dressed modestly even if they're members. This is the Lord's work and it will not be stopped!

Oh yeah. Sister Ellsworth also talked to us sisters about clothing. APPARENTLY, long and mid-calf skirts are "out of style and hard to find" so the requirement has been changed to just covering the knee when you sit for sister missionaries. It is also up to the mission president and his wife if we need to wear nylons and we're off the hook for the summer! Wahoo! My personal opinion is that they look nice ... because my pasty white legs really do not need to beam bright ... ever .... but in this heat it is really nice to not have to wear them. :)

I love each of you. Mom, Dad, Abby, Kenz, Spencer, Madeleine, Henry and all of extended family! Oh and yes I am receiving email from grandma madelyn! I love emails and mail ... both are great! And I love hearing about all the missionaries! Been getting some from Becky that I just LOVE reading! Talk to you soon!! Love love! Hermana Clark

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