Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11

Wow it was so great to talk to you on Sunday! We ate dinner with the Bryson's and some of their kids right before and then we went downstairs to get ready to talk and I just did a little jump up and down, burst of excitement/nervous! Ay! I cannot believe I was nervous to talk to you! How fun it was though! What can I say .... I LOVE EACH OF YOU!

We had a really big CincodeMayo party with the branch. Great people, great food, great spirit. I laughed because there was loud music the whole time (sometimes not spanish but stuff Hna Nielsen and I would listen to....) yet we were talking to branch members or ward members. At one point, I remember one song coming on and having a flashback of how much I loved this song, and then just tuning it out. We were talking to a man about the beauty and majesty and eternal consequences of the temple! The mirrors where you see you and your spouse forever can also mean your ancestors from before and your posterity after. Interesting to literally be in the world, but not be of it. We are God's children.

We saw miracles this week. I have such a stronger testimony of praying for increased faith and looking for God's hand in our lives. D&C 59:21. Keep the commandments and remember God.  This is how we don't offend Him! Hna Nielsen has such a gift for recognizing miracles and sometimes I want to disregard them.  I have learned however, that I am denying them when I do not give credit to God.

We are continuing to pray for 200 baptisms this transfer as a mission. I know I need more faith to talk to EVERYONE (not let anyone pass by) and to teach with power! It is exciting! I love being a missionary! It is a joy to share this message with people.  I love feeling the Spirit and helping others recognize it. I love the gospel!

Thank you for everything. Keep up all the hard work in NJ and Ohio! I love you and I pray for you and your success! Love always, Hermana Clark

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