Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30

Sunday we went to the Christmas lights and it was BEAUTIFUL!! More beautiful than last year! It wasn't completely traumatizing as Hermana Mazariegos thought it would be, having to speak english to people. We were successful in testifying of the teachings of Jesus Christ and found 6 families that were willing to accept missionaries to bring this same spirit they can feel here ... to their home! Horray! I think the best story of the night, however, was an Elder that asked me if i remembered an Andres in my old area. Couldn't think in the moment but I went home and remembered who he was! Hna Nielsen and I taught him last February and he ran away after accepting a date and being really interested! But Elder Crook talked to him and evidently he had to leave the country but wanted missionaries again!!!! HORRAY! He was prepared in February ... I have a feeling not is even better! Oh joy!

We were freezing by the end of the night though. I had socks and two pairs of tights, some stretchy pants, and sweatpants under my skirt. Then a shirt, a really warm sweater (that I pretty much wear close to everyday now under whatever I'm wearing), a jacket, and another jacket! My orange birthday gloves were kind of funny and one guy wouldn't accept that you, mom, had sent them to me for my birthday. He was confident they were hunting gloves - yuck no. But... they were funny. Who knows when we're working the lights again ... but it's fun! Talking to so many people ... I'm already losing my voice!

Probably the biggest news was on Saturday about transfers! I was pretty confident we weren't being changed .... but it was a big surprise that I'll be training! We already have 6 full-field spanish sisters (usually it's never more than that) but .... now we'll have 7! We think she's American ... which will be interesting. When President called he said, "Sister Clark, I know you'll kind of be on double duty, still with Hermana Mazariegos, and your new companion." Quite the contrary! I am sooo excited to STILL be with Hermana Mazariegos and to get a new companion. I will say, I've always been weary of trios though .... so I pray that we can work well together with the spirit and help this sister feel confident as a servant of the Lord! And the whole language thing .... will be difficult but oh I pray that we are flexible and this will definitely introduce more opportunities to speak english. We're excited! We'll have 6 hermanas in the rama - the other sisters are training too before Hna Cochran goes home in 4 weeks (4 hermanas are going home before christmas so they can be with their families) so ... this transfer is a bit hectic. I can't really imagine the logistics of President Ellsworth!

Our area is amazing .... lots of potential. We have three families we're working with that basically just need hermandad and they are receiving it! We are soooo excited! We might not see the fruits of our labor with them right now .... but they are changing and it is the most exciting thing to see!!!

We are getting better at using time better as well as staying under miles as well as staying under minutes for the phone! Horray! They still don't have a home for us and right now we're just kind of ...waiting. If they don't find a home by next Tuesday we'll be moving into an apartment (noooooo!!!!) I feel bad for our new companion though ..... ok here's our home .... but we're moving soon so ... don't both packing up ... and that also means we don't have too much food because we don't want to move more than we need to .... WELCOME! hahaha but it'll work out!

I cannot tell you, mom and dad, how awesome you are! Seriously! Anything you want members to do .... you are doing it! Even, Dad, if it's awkward! Good job! I still get scared to talk to some people (mostly english) but I've learned to just GO and I'll think about being scared later! This message is for ALL!

So we're excited for our new companion! Sadly we won't be making a green cake for her, like I received when i came in the mission, but we be going straight to work! today we're also hosting a sister (someone else's greenie). New missionaries are taken around by leaders the first day and so they chose us to help with that since there aren't really sister leaders (except the VC ....). So it'll be a great week! Pictures to come next week! And it's December tomorrow!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it's already Christmas! HOW. EXCITING!

Glad Thanksgiving was great - Abby and kenz you'll have to tell me about yours. Oh yeah that day was this week. We went hiking at 6am and it was world's easier than my first time doing it - such a joy! Then we played volleyball with our zone and then watched the Best Two Years. That movie was SOOOO interesting to watch while a mnissionary. basically poking fun at our lives .... but wow. I understood it so differently. And yes it's still a great movie!

Well I love each and everyone of you! A WHOLE LOT!!! Until next week! Love always, Hermana Clark

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