Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23 - Happy Tonksgibing

Well it's another Tuesday. Weird one though. We had an appointment at 9 but the woman wasn't there. We're emailing and shopping today but going back to work because Thursday is another preparation day.

Thursday we're thinking of hiking Cambelback otra vez (I really hope sooo! I've wanted to for a long time!) and we might have a zone activity ..... and dinner with the Gibson family (young family in the branch). We're super excited for the festivities of the holidays to begin!!! Christmas lights start Friday!

This past week was LOCA. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday was leadership training for all Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Trainers, and Trainers in the VC. For those three days we were with Hna Alvarez, Hna Nielsen's companion!! I must say, it was a challenge to be in a trio.  We all love the Lord's work! We've all been called and set apart! We all, however, have not attained the level of comprehension nor love for each of our new languages. Hna Alvarez has only been out 4 weeks and .... like all new missionaries learning a language ... IT'S HARD. You want to fall asleep in every lesson because you don't know what in the world is going on. You can smile for so long ... but .... it's a challenge.  Hna Mazariegos has been out for almost 8 months and though we are in los estados unidos ..... don't have too many opportunities to practice her english.  We had 3 successful days together.  I think each of the sisters gained a new appreciation of someone learning their own language and not loving it how they love it, but sometimes dreading having to speak it. For a few hours on Thursday, the two of them even went to Hna Alvarez area to find more people to teach. It was good, but it was hard. We had fun together. When those two were together, I went with an english sister, Sister Dyer.  So incredibly weird to be the only one who speaks spanish beyond "bueno ... me llamo Hermana ......" I have actually learned a language ... to be able to communicate fairly well .... in a year! Gosh if that's not a miracle ... I don't know what is! The past two weeks has been the first time I've been with sisters who speak less spanish than I. Thursday, especially, with a sister that's not even called to teach in spanish. Anyway, great experiences with different comapnions and I definitely learned a great lesson that practicing, with a whole lot of patience, is necessary!!

Sunday we gave talks in church and honestly, both of us ended and asked each other, "what did I say?" We both had outlined notes but didn't follow them too closely. We felt the spirit, so I'd say they went well. I shared my experience of giving a bom once to a friend and not really having a testimony of it .... therefore going on to talk about gratitude for my testimony por medo del espiritu santo.

We had a lesson with a Jehovah's witness this week. This is a little older than us and was a reference we've been trying to contact. The lesson was going well and as noted by the member that was with us "she has a noble heart" but a woman that lives with her came in midway through .... and the spirit left.  Therefore, we followed suite. She expressed her knowledge of the Bible and we testified to her and asked her what she knew by the spirit. I've learned a lot recently at how most people are just fed up. Here in Mesa, because there are sooooo many of US, there are so many others who are on the defense of things and then turn into attacking. Lots of other missionaries.  So many people are just fed up. Therefore the ONLY way we're any different than all these people and other churches is that we have a LIVING PROPHET, the priesthood on the earth to guide the Church of Jesus Christ. La mayoria de las personas han escuchado este mensaje. they know it in their head .... bom .... prophet .... temple .... lots of commandments. Ok but their heart hasn't quite asked questions yet.  Oh to all the wonderful people in our area! In the world!!!!! Friday starts Christmas lights and it is incredible to feel the Spirit and testify of truth and see how people recognize that something is different.

Saturday we also find out about transfers. I've learned really well ... that my ways are not the best .... so I'll leave it up to the Lord to make the decision and I'll accept that plan! I don't need to worry about what could happen ..... I love being with Hermana Mazariegos and yes, of course, I would LOVE to be with her for 3 more months ... but I also know that I've had 2 wonderful months with her that I have learned a whole lot and gained a much greater testimony of the Book of Mormon and the reality that this is the Lord's church on the earth! VAMOS A VER!

When I was set apart, President Carmack said that I would have energy to get up each day and I would never be sick in the apartment.  I think he said that so that if I ever felt sick enough to even think about that, I could know it's not even an option to go home. After those days of intercambios and talks in church and a fireside in Phoenix, my body was not functioning yesterday. It just felt vacio. sin fuerza. Keeping eyes open.  What better opportunity to be humbled and call on the powers of heaven to give me strength? I have a feeling the rest of my mission I will be sin fuerza and you know what .... I'm ok with that. I am humbled. I'm grateful for trials, whatever form they may be in. I have a whole lot more to learn in my life and I know that trials are one of the best ways to learn how to be happy and serve God and His children.

We received the conference issue last week in english, but are waiting for spanish. I decided to read all of them in english. I am about 70% finished. I love conference. I love reading the words of living prophets. They speak to us because they speak by the Holy Ghost.  I loved President Utchdorf's talk in Priesthood on pride and his pen example! Hahaha That's how we need to be! And President Eyring opening the Sunday morning session conference!

no creo que hay mas. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm pretty sure the Gibsons told us we'll be eating something with turkey and chicken and duck all in one. HAHA We're excited. Oh and this week we each had a whole fish for dinner. It wasn't too bad and it was better with salsa. hahaha no worries mom and dad, my eating preferences have alll completely changed! Plus the next day we had crab and that was good too!

Love you all!!!!!! It's cold here now ... 55! Love always, hermana Clark

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