Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9


I have learned one thing on my mission: When you expect something to happen and you don't need to worry about it ... it doesn't. When you don't think something will happen and a miracle will occur if it does .... it does. I guess that comes with a lot of stuff not being in your control.

Transfers are today and I'm going to a new area and a new companion! 3rd companion in 3 transfers. Chances are we'll only be together for this transfer because of the Easter pageant coming up in April.

This week. Besides the total shock of being transferred ... in all honesty it wasn't unexpected because both Hna Nielsen and I had a feeling last week (sort of out of no way ... not possible) we could be transferred. Nevertheless, we went to work this week and saw a billllion miracles.

We had one afternoon, noon to 5pm, of all tracting. While planning we looked at a map and say a prayer we would go to places that we could find people that were ready to hear the gospel or people needed our help. First on our list happened to be one of the streets I tracted last transfer. First reaction was to not go because I've knocked all those doors and the street next to it. A prompting is a prompting though so we went. I think we only ended up knocking 4 or 5 doors. We began teaching a couple and they invited us back again with their 2 kids. We talked to an elderly couple who live in a BRIGHT pink house.  They are Methodist and are the sweetest people you've ever met. Last time they pretty clearly just blew us off. This time we saw them as they were taking groceries in. Their first question was "what are you selling?" We said nothing and just grabbed their groceries. Nice people. Not interested in the church but we were glad to help and get to know them a bit! An english member who just moved in on that street drove by and ran up to us pleading to go out with us.  She got home from her mission2 years ago, speaking spanish.  She came out with us two days later and it was one of the best member experiences I've had - we didn't go anywhere. We taught two of her neighbors! That's how member work is REALLY effective. She'll be around them!

Karina, the mother of Nahun and Heider, is never around and therefore we are not going to keep trying to run around. A family we work with a lot, however, just got a calling into hombres jovenes and so we have talked to him about talking to them and giving them a ride to church/mutual every week.

Dalia we taught this week. oh I just love that girl! She has a long way to go to fully embracing the gospel but she recognizes the good and will need some umph to continue on with it.

Ayyyy time goes too fast! I'm getting transferred. Said lots of goodbyes this week. I feel kind of sad saying goodbye in this area because I don't understand everything people are saying. I love them, but I feel like I could love them more if I understand everything they say. How frustrating. I need more patience with the language. Hna Guzman, however, is Mexican so .... I look forward to the next 6 weeks and improving language skills. Hna Nielsen and I certainly improved our language skills ... because we had to. Really good for us. It'll be wonderful though to have a native speaker.

Ay so much happened this week. We just had miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle. I wish my mind wasn't so scatterbrained right now. I have lots of pictures though!

I am sorry this letter this week is random. The past few days I just feel like I've been scrambling to catch up. I am excited for this area to continue growing! Sad to leave. So many mixed emotions. It comes down to the fact though, that President Bassett is inspired.

The work is amazing. I love the scriptures. I love my Savior. This week I read more about the Savior's example and his actions of love. I just feel like I learn a huge amount about life each day. What a blessing it is to serve. I still need to forget myself and go to work .... more. Life is on pause.  This is life right now and I truly do love it.  There have been moments on the mission that I just treasure. I know I could not have those experiences had I been worried about myself. Oh but I have sooooo much to learn here. Mesa is where it's at for me and this land will always be a beautiful place, not a desert.

Love you all. Thanks for your prayers and love.

Closing thought. We went to Claudia's Sunday night to say goodbye. I love her family! Claudia, Nayeli, Ashley, Juanito, y AB. We said a family prayer before we left and the prayer made me think of Elder Bednar's talk about the home this past conference. In the middle of the prayer we may or may have not heard noises of some bodily functions. Another child began to scream bloodly murder.  Their home has love in it and that is all that matters! I will miss Claudia and her kids!

Love always, Hermana Clark

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