Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16

Jump for joy if you love your mission...
oh and if you and your companion are wearing matching shirts from Goodwill!


Wahoo! Ok So I am in the Arboleda Branch in the Hermona Vista Stake (ish)?

The Branch is just incredible! The Sisters here have been Visitor Center sisters for a while, as in not always able to be in church and only have limited hours during the day to see investigators. The branch just ... wow .... the leaders do their callings and take it very seriously. They know about each investigator and work very hard and diligently to make sure every person feels welcome and loved.

Our investigators are INCREDIBLE. I am used to going to appointments and people not being there. As in, all appointments falling through. Here, the Sisters have done an incredible job of building trust. The investigators know and love the missionaries. Oh man. I am so excited for all of them! Though each and everyone has their own special needs and questions, God really does know how to take care of His children!

Last night we watched a movie with a girl named Evelyn. We've been teaching her mom and her mom's boyfriend. That's a whole different story, but Evelyn. Oh man I just love her! She is 13 and loves the gospel! She loves YW. Oh you just only want the best for her and don't want to see her suffer through things going on at home.

Juan and Dolores. They are both very intellectual. This week they both, individually opened up to us and told us the things they are struggling with. We are hoping to help them see the great peace the gospel of Jesus Christ offers.

We have a baptism this Friday for a long time investigator named Hno Soria! Most of his family are members and so he's been through missionary after missionary. Well, the day before I came, he called and said he wanted to get baptized this Friday! So, my first lesson with Hna Guzman was teaching Hno Soria the Restauracion. We are teaching everything again. He is so humble and so teachable, yet firm in his desires. Sunday I asked him what changed his mind, and he said he wants to be with his family forever. He's seen lots pass on before him and he wants to have that assurance. It is quite humbling to hear his testimony. It will be an incredible baptism on Friday because of his desire to make this covenant with our Heavenly Father, as well as the branch who has been anticipating it for years. Oh it will be wonderful!

Our area is about the same size as my last area, but we really only go to three places. A huggggge apartment complex called Orange Groves. All of our referrals are in there. Yesterday we literally we ONLY there.  We are meeting so many people who are either prepared, or getting prepared, whether they know it or not, to reap soooo many blessings from our Heavenly Father.

We live in a members home and that is quite different. I feel like I'm at the Butters house in Park City. We take up the basement, and the stairs go up to their kitchen/tv area. I kind of feel like we have this tunnel (open though ... no door between their kitchen/tv) to the outside world. I didn't know the Olympics were starting, but I am pretty sure we heard the opening ceremonies the other day. Too funny. We have our little room and then eat on a little table and study on the ping pong table. Our kitchen has a fridge and then a little sink and a toaster, blender, and portable stove ... thing. cooking is kind of out. Before the sisters would eat at the visitors center a lot ... so it's been a challenge to make/eat food that's somewhat healthy in our limited time.

Hna Guzman. Oh man she is a fireball and ready to work each day! There is a reason we are together in this area for this transfer. It will only be this transfer though because next transfer she will go back to working in the Visitors Center for the east pageant. By the way, that is HUGE out here. I am WAYYYY excited. Anyway, time is up.

I am studying solomente en espanol.  Muy interesante. I don't even get out my english stuff, unless I really don't know what a scripture or Preach My Gospel is talking about. I can generally get the gyst (how do you spell that?) of it.  It is exciting but there is still a long way to go. I still continue to leave appointments confused about what was said. Coming. poco por poco. I love the spanish language and the culture!

Nos vemos! Adios! It's 75 here this week and I'm getting burned. hahahaha Oh man. It's still the middle of February! This is God's work and it is incredible! Every day I realize how much God has given us to help us be happy, now and forever.

Love always, Hermana Clark

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