Tuesday, September 28, 2010

september 28 "a successful week"

There's a section in PME that talks about "a successful missionary" and as a missionary .... you ALWAYS want to be one. We took a quiz yesterday for Elder Evans, a general authority, who is going to tour our mission in a few weeks so he could know about where we are as a mission. This week, we definitely felt the help of the Spirit guiding us. In one instance we had about 10-15 minutes to contact a referal. I was driving .... [I am always driving ....] and turned onto a street ... not really knowing which street it was (in 4 streets ... I knew it was one of them .... most of our referrals are on this one particular). Found the numbers that were close to the address. We parked the car, prayed, got out, and realized it was the wrong street (usually we're a little more smart about it .... but) Right when we realized it was another street, we heard someone say, "Sisters!" The Spirit told us this was why we were here and had driven on the wrong street and gotten out. It was a member from another stake who was picking up a friend for the RS broadcast. This member who lived there has a new roommate who has made lots of recent changes in her life, read the Book of Mormon, and wants to know more. She speaks english but we were able to give the referral to the sisters! Wahoo though! We've being guided by the Spirit! The end of most days this week we came home exhausted, working hard.

Hermana Mazariegos and I started something new this week. Instead of saying, "we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" at some point of meeting people, we now say "we're representatives of Jesus Christ." Instead of people responding with "I have a church ..... or no thanks" it has opened people up. Yesterday we talked to a man and it was like we could see the hurt in his eyes. When people recognize who we are and that we are there to serve them, the Spirit comes and testifies.

We meet with the Branch Council every week to discuss missionary work. Right now we are in the area the whole time and the other Hermanas are only there half time. In November (I can't believe I'm saying that's soon) they will have, at best, one night a week in their area. Christmas lights is a HUGE thing here for referrals but work in our areas suffer as we focus on finding. Each Visitor Sister has to work every night. We only work 2-3 times a week. The Branch, however, is ready to step up to the plate. We reconized something this week. We teach as missionaries. Sometimes we're teaching people who aren't quite ready to accept the gospel. That is why we introduce them to members. The members invite them, excite them, share miracles in their lives, become friends, and THEN the people are more willing/open to accepting the gospel. Estabamos tratando a ensenar una familia for lots of time and they really weren't too open. Our WML met one of these families this week and he become instant friends. He will be working with them so they are more open to hearing this message that will inevitabely bring more joy in their lives.

A family came to church on Sunday that is soooo excited to get baptized the 23 of octuber (....and I will ALWAYS remember this date because it is Mckenna Clyde's birthday .... so I'm glad we can celebrate her birthday here in Arizona too!). Mari, the mom, at the beginning of one lesson this week, just turned to us and said, "I feel something. It's different. I really like it. I want to get baptized! I want to be the new Mari!" Oh man! I felt like I was watching one of those moments you dream of as a missionary! It was brilliant! They were investigating the church a while ago (a year or two) but now she just ..... she wants this! IT IS THE SPIRIT!

Relief Society Broadcast was incredible and we are soooooooo pumped for conference next week! I'm excited too because this time I will understand at least a little more than last time! I am still trying to finish last conference's talks too ..... oh man!

This week I realized more that I don't understand/know too much stuff in Spanish. Hermana was talking to me a lot this week and at the end of something ... so many times .... I had to stop her and just say ..... "no comprendo!" I don't know how we're such good friends. No ... I do. Love and the Spirit is part of every language.

I love this time I have. An impression I had a few weeks ago was just confirmed this morning. We'll see how this week goes with tragic news of Hermana Mazariegos's sisters boyfriend being stabbed and killed (I think I have that right .....). This is the Lord's work! I love each of you!! Mom and Dad, we look forward to hearing about you meeting Hna's parents on Sunday! Love always, Hermana Clark

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