Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13

Another week in the mission!

I got sick .... from something this week and had a pleasant time throwing up one night this week. The next day I felt more weak than ever but knew we had to go out to work. The Elders in our area came over and gave me a blessing and it was amazing how it is simple act of faith of asking for a blessing, along with the will of God, that we were able to go out and work all day without any problems.

We had Zone Conference this week and I wish I had recorded President Bassett speaking to us.  We spoke about sacrifice. Something that I know I've wanted to understand more.  For me, his words boiled down to this: IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO SACRIFICE BECAUSE WE GET TO KNOW OUR GOD. There was a quote from a man named Benjamin ... something. an incredible violin player who sacrificed his violin to serve a mission. He says: "The greatest decision I ever made was to give up something I dearly loved to the God I loved even more....  He has never forgotten me for it."  Oh it was incredible. President went through a long list of scriptures linking together the eternal law of sacrifice to Jesus Christ's sacrifice to coming to know the Savior. That quote from Elder Maxwell about sacrificing the animal within us.  Allow our hearts to change. It will hurt, but it will be molded by the Savior, personally. WOW. This week Hna Nielsen and I talked a lot about being representatives of the Savior ... always.

A few weeks about we had a lesson with an investigator that ... wasn't a lesson but rather they were mad about something and upset/frustrated. I struggled to understand what was really going on and was doubting what in the world we (especially I) could say not understand the situation and all.  I remember sitting there though and realizing I am a representative of the Savior. I asked myself, what would He do, sitting here, instead of me. At that moment a story from the Bible popped in my head and I read her the Savior's words to a woman in another situation. I don't remember what that story even is, and I don't know how our investigator took it, but I know in that moment, that is what the Savior would've said.

I have been thinking of that and desiring to say His words much more. Not saying any of my repeated spanish phrases or what we've always said in the past. It's brought a lot of new teaching and new lessons.  I've seen my companion, Hermana Nielsen, teach with God's power. I've seen us teach with that power. WOW. This work is real and by no means is it ours. It is the Lord's.

La familia Sanchez works a lot and we are struggling to get enough time with them, but we will see. The kids are way excited and we're hoping to get more members in their home to get the parents to recognize what a blessing it is to grab the Iron Rod and not let go.

Sunday was fast/testimony week. I was thinking about conference and how a lot was about families. Many times, especially after dinner with members, we will share 2 Nephi 25:26 about teaching your children about Christ. I had a thought Sunday.  As parents, we teach our children (obviously I am not....) the best we can.  As missionaries, we are teaching children of God who's earthy parents didn't know about these truths. They taught them what they knew, very very good things. We are just filling in the gaps. I realized on Sunday that parents are SOOO CRUCIAL and as missionaries (well ... the church ... teachers) we are just filling in the gaps for maybe those that didn't have parents who taught them this. This led me to think how important it is for those parents to keep up the missionary work in their own homes. It is crucial, vital! Way to go mothers and fathers!

Ayer, we taught our investigator fransisca and her 2 kids and her sister and her 6 kids! We made an iron rod out of tape and they thought it was fun. I hope they learned ... something. I need to work on being a better teacher! I have a long way to go ... with adults and especially children! Ay!

Love you all! Thank you for your prayers and helping this work move forward wherever you are! Love always, Hermana Clark

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