Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 8

Another week is Mesa! For living in Mesa, I would say it's actually getting pretty cold. Apparently the other day it was 40! Yay for cold weather! The past few days have actually been pretty cloudy (usually it's a perfect fall day with the sun shining) and it's been raining. One man we talked to called a soggy day so we've adopted that name too! Today is the first non-soggy day since maybe Friday!

First I'll start with Christmas lights. I think I mentioned it last week, but the Christmas lights are BEAUTIFUL here in Mesa. The Bishop yesterday told us it was the #1 place to go for Christmas decorations on a main TV station (we wouldn't know :) ) Anyway, we had the chance to go last Tuesday. We're way excited and all and meet with our zone and prepare and make goals. Then it hits me ... I have to talk to people and have real conversations in Spanish! And I won't have my companion next to me! I knew it would be that way but scary to think it was right then. So anyway, we're assigned a general area and just talk to people - in English and Spanish. Soooo I go and I get up the courage to start talking to a family. What do you know we start speaking in Spanish and they were not familiar with the church. I was able to share my testimony with them of the blessings and joy that had come into my life from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They expressed interest in learning more and accepted missionaries to come into their home.  I was able to talk to 5 more people (actually mostly families) who wanted to know more. One man literally asked where can I go to your church? I really like it here. Another man expressed interest in coming back to the church. He'd been a foster child in his teens and joined the church while living with an LDS family but in the last year was being drawn back to the church. I challenged him to go to church this week and go and talk to the Bishop. Anyway, that evening was wonderful. It was a joy to share my testimony with so many people who were not busy doing other things but were there to see the lights. 

Because of the lights and so many people going each night we receive many referrals of people who want to learn more. We received maybe 10 this week and then go talk to these people. This week's miracle was that we were able to contact these people. Most of their addresses and phone numbers were wrong, yet somehow we were able to meet/talk on the phone and set up appointments to meet them and teach them more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We've realized there are miracles in our lives each and everyday - there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Tuesdays are our preparation days.  Today we decided we wanted to do a little service project.  We lent our car to the Elders and took their bikes. We rode back our apartment and waited for them to go shopping. We waited ... and waited (we had our ways of knowing when they left) ... and finally .... we were able to go in their apartment and do some cleaning. We did our homework before and knew they had very ltitle cleaning supplies so our bike ride to their apartment included a bag of rags, cleaning stuff, a mop bucket, soap, and even a mop! Hahah it was quite a site seeing us on the bikes. Speaking of ... we had pictures but I forgot the cables. For next week then!

Que mas? WOW how did I forget. We had Zone Conference this week and were able to go to the Mesa Temple with President Bassett and his wife. One thing that really hit Hna Ghan and I was that it is Christmas everyday as a missionary because we give people hope in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  A lot was learned that day and it was great to be fed spiritually by President and Sister Bassett and the Holy Ghost. Oh what a grand day! After completing the session, Pre and Sis Bassett shook our hands as we came into the Celestial Room and I am pretty sure that is what heaven is going to be like. It was marvelous! What more could I say? The temple is majestic inside and is filled with so much history.

This week I've been reading the Book of Mormon, beginning with the Introduction.  I love the Book of Mormon. My love for it grows each and everyday. It is true! I am trying to read it and apply everything I read to either how I can better as well as how I can help others reach their full potential.

I love being a missionary! It is hard work. Oh man ... I am just forgetting so much today. PLUS. We didn't check mail for ... maybe a week ... and were surprised to find we had 3 packages!!!! I would imagine it was like seeing us as 5 year olds on Christmas morning, never having known what the traditions of Christmas and opening presents were. We were ... pretty excited .... to say the least. Our apartment now is decked out with snowflakes, calenders, tablecloths, a Christmas tree, and lights! Nevertheless, we are reminded of the reason we celebrate this holiday and turn to the Savior. HE LIVES! Like I said before, it's Christmas everyday as a missionary! Maybe not the opening presents everyday, but the "Christmas miracles" part that seem impossible yet occur when we have faith, pray, and are obedient to God's commandments. We're still counting on having a WHITE CHRISTMAS here in Mesa!

Anyway ... we need to run. If you wonder why I always address myself as "we" it is because Hna Ghan and I are a companionship. When something good happens to Hna Ghan, we celebrate. When I mess up and say a bad word in Spanish, we both laugh. We're in it together. Even when the chair broke one night this week, we burst out laughing. Tears strolling down MY face. Ok that differentiates us ... I cry more. Unless we're reading stories from the Ensign about Christmas miracles ... then we're both gonners. Balling.

As Grandma hoped for, "our digs are now decorated".  We are stoked for this holiday season! We continue to share the message of Jesus Christ with others. Love love love. Thank you for your prayers!

Love, Hermana Clark

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